Best golf shoes for men 2022: Spiked and spikeless options to help you master the course

 (Under Armour)
(Under Armour)

Shoes are perhaps a golfer’s most important piece of kit (aside from golf clubs, of course).

Yet, for some reason - be it stubbornness or a limited budget - many players don’t invest in a quality pair. The best men’s golf shoes are likely to improve your game by giving you more confidence on the course and stopping you from tumbling over.

Why do you need golf shoes?

If you hadn’t noticed, the UK is partial to inclement weather, which makes having proper golf shoes even more critical. Slipping and sliding on fairways and greens isn’t conducive to a solid round of golf and will probably upset the greenkeeper. Not forgetting that most clubs require you to wear golf shoes anyway.

What kind of golf shoes should you buy?

It used to be the case that everybody wore spiked golf shoes. Now it’s quite the opposite – PGA players usually go spikeless. That said, they tend to play in dry, near-perfect conditions year-round. However, spikeless shoes still have nodules on the bottom and offer a decent grip, especially if you buy from top-end brands.

Still, spiked golf shoes offer the best grip overall, ensuring enough traction between the ground and the bottom of your foot, preventing injury and allowing you to generate power. In wet or frosty weather, they are far the best option.

What style of golf shoe should I pick?

The style of golf shoe you choose is up to you. Various options are available from golf shops and online stores, from sporty, trainer-looking options to traditional leather numbers. You will, however, want to think about the colourway – white shoes are probably a bad idea if you’re playing from November to March in Scotland, for example.

What else do you need to consider when buying golf shoes?

You’ll also want to consider waterproofness (nobody wants soggy feet) and the width of your feet, as some brands have wider shoes for those with broader feet. Comfort, of course, should be the most crucial factor. If you can, head to your local pro shop to try a few pairs before making a purchase.

Finally, your budget also comes into play. If you’re playing a few times a week, your feet will thank you for getting the best golf shoes on the market. They aren’t cheap, but they’ll improve your game and stop you from getting injured. If you only play a handful of times a year, you’ll make do with a cheap-to-mid-range pair.

We’ve picked from an array of brands, from high-quality designer spikes to affordable spikeless golf shoes you can buy from your local sports shop.

Shop the best below

Adidas Codechaos 22 (Spikeless)

Adidas’ Codechaos are our favourite pick of the bunch. Made partly from recycled materials, this innovative pair of men’s spikeless golf shoes come with cutting-edge twist grip technology, keeping your feet firmly planted when you swing – even in wet conditions.

More of a trainer than a golf shoe, they are possibly the most comfortable we’ve ever tried and are excellent in preventing rainwater from seeping in. The quirky design might not be to every golfer’s taste, but they’re certainly not all style over substance.

Breathable, lightweight, hardy and well-priced, there’s no wonder previous iterations were popular with John Rahm and Xander Schauffele. Fits true-to-size.

Buy now £140.00, Adidas

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour NEXT% NRG (Hybrid)

From one eye-catcher to the next: introducing these head-turners by Nike. Again, they are not the best men’s golf shoes for the traditionalist (they’re pretty jazzy), but young golfers will love them. The colourway is a homage to the home of golf, and there’s also a thistle embroidery on the heel support (Scotland’s national flower).

The price tag is hefty, but they are meticulously well-designed. Despite being very light, they come with a thick, soft foam sole that offers high comfort levels. The upper mesh also keeps your feet cool over 18 holes, and four well-placed spikes prevent slips on the slicker ground.

The fit is pretty narrow and snug so that you may want a half-size up. The Air Zoom feels slightly unusual (though better than the previous iteration) and can cause slight pronation, which can be somewhat off-putting. Minor gripe aside, it’s a solid, good-looking golf shoe.

Buy now £199.95, Nike

Under Armour Men's UA HOVR Drive 2 Wide

You can’t go wrong with Under Armour’s Men’s UA Hovr Drive 2. The uppers are pretty rigid in feel, and you get the sense of being slightly elevated if you’re used to spikeless shoes. Still, they hug the foot nicely – thanks to the moulded heel and EVA footbed. They also offer high-level waterproofing to prevent long rounds with soggy socks. Not forgetting the impeccable grip, which works well on all surfaces.

Comfort-wise, they’re not as soft as spikeless shoes for obvious reasons, so you might want to consider an insole. Other than that, you can’t argue with the technology, sleek design and performance. Fairly big-fitting but still fine if you like a snug fit.

Buy now £140.00, Under Armour

Ecco M Golf Biom C4 (Spikeless)

Ecco is known for having a loyal fanbase. Why? They are consistently some of the best men’s golf shoes for comfort. Now the Ecco M Biom C4 isn’t cheap, but if you’re playing a lot, do hear us out.

First, let’s appreciate how they look – subtle and stylish. Most importantly, they’re also like walking on marshmallows, thanks to the removable OrthoLite insole. The mesh sock envelops the foot nicely, making you feel locked in and stable. The Gore-Tex Surround works like a dream, so you’ll have no problems in heavy downpours - although the delved-out soles can gather mud.

What stands out most, however, is the high level of ventilation and the impressive grip – despite being spikeless. A premium golf shoe that’s worth the investment. Fits true-to-size.

Buy now £210.00, Ecco

Ellesse Men's Evron Waterproof (Spikes)

Not quite a budget pair but still half the price of most decent golf shoes on the market. This pick by Ellesse will appeal to newbie golfers looking for something simplistic, functional and affordable. One of the best-looking men’s golf shoes for the price and great in wintery conditions – the spikes hold up well on tee boxes and fairways when wet.

They’re relatively light and breathable, and the memory foam sole keeps your feet from fatiguing over 18 holes. Fit-wise, they’re very narrow, so you may best go up half or full size. Ellesse isn’t precisely known for golf, but these will more than do the job for the price bracket.

Buy now £64.99, American Golf

Under Armour Men’s UA HOVR Tour Wide (Spikeless)

You’ll not find many people on your course wearing these (they look like something out of a sci-fi movie). The lacing system is a bit out there but we’re told it was designed to improve your swing (biomechanics and all that). Despite being spikeless, they feel really grippy, so you needn’t worry about sliding around the fairway.

There’s also a lightweight waterproof knitted membrane on the upper, which holds up in mild rain (we didn’t get the chance to test in heavier stuff). The fit is quite tight, giving you that locked-in feel, and they’re firmer underfoot, which might not appeal to everyone. Up there with the best men’s shoes for stability, innovative technology and performance.

Buy now £150.00, Under Armour

Decathlon Men's Inesis WW500 (Spikeless)

Probably one of the best pairs of men’s golf shoes on the market for novice players. While not in the same league as some of our higher-priced picks, they will do a job for occasional, fair-weather golfers (they’re not suitable for rainy conditions).

Reasonably light, well aerated and comfortable, you can’t argue for the price. Aesthetically they look good and come in four different colourways.

Decathlon has a good selection of affordable golf gear for everything you need to hit the links. Fits true-to-size.

Buy now £54.99, Decathlon