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Astrological Glass Jar Candle

If your friend or family member is invested in astrology, the Astrological Glass Jar Candle ($8) is perfect for them.

The Best Gifts Are Written in the Stars, and These 62 Zodiac Presents Prove It

Looking for a present that's perfect for its recipient? These 2019 zodiac gift ideas are practically a shoo-in. A person's star sign dictates their character, traits, and overall personality, hence, if your friend loves astrology, a gift that matches their zodiac is a foolproof way to their heart. From cosmic candles to catch-all trinket dishes, journals, and even nail polish, there's no limit to the ideas that lie ahead. Oh, and did we mention the offerings start as low as $3? Give your astro-loving friend a unique and personal gift this year with the must-have presents, ahead!

- Additional reporting by Macy Cate Williams


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