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The 20 best gifts for gardeners, according to people who really love gardening

From books about flowers to hand pruners and more gifts for the gardener that are best paired with a green thumb.

Corona pruners, copper trug, gardener tool belt and gardening shoes on green background
Love makes their garden grow — but these top-rated gardening tools, sun-safe accessories and decorative accents certainly help. (Amazon)

A lot of people find joy in watching a garden grow, but only a handful have a desire to get their hands dirty. This list of the best gifts for gardeners is for the latter. Ya know, the green-thumbed folks who would rather spend their downtime digging, weeding and planting than doing, well, literally anything else.

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I know my strengths — gifting is one of them (ahem, I am Yahoo's gifting editor after all), but gardening certainly isn't. That's why I turned to actual gardeners, many of whom run blogs and businesses in the space, for guidance on gardening gifts. I've rounded up their favorite gardening gadgets, gear and extras, along with a few bestsellers from Amazon and Uncommon Goods for good measure.

Maybe you know a relatively new gardener who needs better tools to get the job done. Or maybe you're on the hunt for a clever yet convenient way to protect avid gardeners from the summer sun (including this tried-and-tested sunscreen). Or perhaps you simply want a unique gift that serves as a reminder that you're always rooting for them (and their plants, of course). Below, you'll find it all and more — starting as low as $10, I might add!

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable for gardeners, but wide-brim hats will offer even more protection from the skin’s harmful rays. Gracie Poulson, the founder of Grace Rose Farm, also opts for hats when the weather isn’t cooperating because they "stay firmly on your head through wind and rain to allow you to garden with ease." This one, in particular, is made with a breathable, lightweight material that just so happens to be UPF 50+. Pick from 13 colors, including this hot pink number that’s as cheery as the garden itself.

$15 at Amazon

Speaking of sunscreen, our beauty editor tested all the top brands — Neutrogena, Sun Bum, you name it — and this one came out on top. It’s gentle enough to be used on the face and body, plus it won’t leave your gardener feeling (or looking) greasy.

$24 at Amazon
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$24 at Ulta Beauty$24 at Kohl's

A trusty pair of pruners is an essential in any gardener’s tool belt. Blogger and gardener Penny Weeks reaches for these hand pruners from Corona: "I love them so much that I keep several pairs; some in the house for making floral bouquets and others in the garden for harvesting both vegetables and flowers." They come in three different sizes — the smallest ones are best for cutting flowers, while the larger ones are better suited for branches and bigger jobs.

$25 at Amazon
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$30 at Ace Hardware$38 at SHOP.COM

Imagine a world where you could weed your entire yard without bending over. Well, this genius stand-up tool makes it possible. "I’m a small female — about 5’2 and 120-130 lbs — and this tool makes it so I can take out even the most stubborn weeds without hurting my back," one happy gardener wrote, adding that it’s "truly a workhorse of a tool."

$40 at Amazon
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$50 at Ace Hardware

Erin Schanen, the gardener and blogger behind The Impatient Gardener, claims "this is one of those tools that you didn’t know you needed until you have it." It’s just the right size — "smaller than a spade, but bigger than trowel" — for dividing perennials, digging out bulbs and making holes.

$104 at Garden Tool Co

Perhaps, the most hardworking gardening tool of all? Their hands. Made with organic sunflower seed oil, beeswax, shea butter and cocoa butter, this all-natural balm softens and soothes overworked hands. "I garden nearly every day, so my hands (knuckles, in particular) can dry out and crack. I've tried other lotions for gardener’s hands, but this is the only product that has worked," one five-star fan gushed.

$9 at Amazon
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$10 at Ace Hardware$7 at

Gardening tools quickly add up, so it’s important to take good care of them. Schanen swears by this kit to sharpen her pruners, shears and loppers. It’s made with hard-working gardening tools in mind, so there’s a "semi-magical" scouring stone to remove rust and sap along with Camelia oil, which is "an excellent lubricant."

$64 at Terrain

This colorful glass orb is eye-catching, but it also serves a purpose. The divots throughout collect water, giving pollinators a place to stop and drink up before bee-lining to the flowers.

$55 at Uncommon Goods

The perk of having a vegetable garden? Fewer trips to the grocery store and more garden-to-table produce. That said, Randi of Freckled Californian recommends having a solid salad spinner on standby. "I use it to quickly and thoroughly dry my homegrown lettuce, herbs and chopped veggies before cooking," she tells us. "It works so much better than dabbing with paper towels!"

$25 at HSN
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$25 at Wayfair$25 at Amazon

The garden doesn’t stop growing in the heat of summer — and that means, gardeners can’t stop tending to it. When the temperatures skyrocket, they’ll appreciate having this bladeless fan around their neck. "This helps by blowing air over my face. As an added plus those pesky gnats can't get to my face to pester me," one happy shopper wrote. Our Senior Deals Writer Carrie McCabe is also a fan, and said it saved her during a sweltering heatwave. Here is her review.

$25 at Amazon

Herb gardens aren’t just for cooks. "One of the best things about having a garden is being able to pop outside and snip some fresh mint or chamomile flowers to make your own tea mix," Randi adds. A tea strainer is key if they plan to sip on their garden’s bounty — and this one is made with an extra-fine mesh that'll prevent even the smallest pieces from slipping through.

$10 at Amazon

These slip-ons have a durable sole and a waterproof upper, so they can trek through the garden without a worry. Hundreds of reviewers say they’re a godsend in wet, muddy gardens — including one who raved that they were "easy to clean" and "much more comfortable than Crocs."

$35 at Lowe's
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$35 at Amazon

Thorns, branches and briers get in the way of the task at hand. Instead of succumbing to a scratch here and there, they can wear these moisture-wicking UPF 50 sleeves to protect their arms from the inevitable. "I was suffering so horribly whenever I worked on my squash plants in my garden. The sleeves are easy to pull on and the band on the upper arm to secure the sleeve in place is fitted perfectly," one five-star reviewer gushed.

$22 at Amazon

These water- and rust-resistant shears are just as pretty as they are practical. Lindy Bridgman of Small Town Garden Life turns to this pair from Barebones since "they do a great job cleaning up the garden." They’re more slender than most, so much so that one reviewer commented that they were “perfect for getting into flowers or herbs where you need to snip precisely.”

$34 at Barebones
Uncommon Goods

Rain makes a garden grow, but too much of a good thing is, well, bad. This copper gauge is a beautiful, albeit scientific way to measure rainfall in inches. Available in a tabletop model, a mounted option and a garden stake — FWIW, I’m impartial to the latter.

$45 at Uncommon Goods

"Every gardener needs a beautiful trug to collect their garden harvest," Weeks tells us. This brushed copper beauty is her top choice. "I use mine year-round for harvesting garden goodies and foraging."

$120 at Amazon
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$126 at QVC$93 at Woot
Uncommon Goods

This gardening stool-turned-tool bag (or vice versa) has hundreds of five-star fans, and it’s easy to see why. It’s basically a portable workstation (with 21 pockets, I might add!) that folds out into a chair, so they don’t have to break their back to get the job done.

$48 at Uncommon Goods

Flowers tell a story, but not everyone can make sense of it. This illustrated encyclopedia will walk your gardener through the meanings behind common flowers like jasmine, marigolds and roses. As a result, they'll understand the message their garden is sending and make more intentional bouquets for the ones they love. 

$13 at Amazon

There’s more than meets the eye here. Fill the shallow well with water and sand, then watch tons of beautiful butterflies stop by to snack on the crystal mixture that’s left behind.

$45 at Uncommon Goods

One Amazon shopper said it best: "This belt is perfect for those of us out in the garden every day." There's a large zippered pocket to store a phone or AirPods case, plus five compartments for pruners, scissors, gloves and other must-haves they need within arm's reach.

$15 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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