Best gardening gifts for Christmas 2019 - top present ideas for keen gardeners

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The perfect Christmas gifts for keen gardeners - Getty Images Contributor

Everyone has a gardening lover in their life, and the tools they use can range from the most expensive secateurs to the simplest pot.

With Christmas just around the corner, it may be worth giving the keen gardener in your life a present that suits their pastime. But, if you're not a gardener yourself, it may be hard to understand why your loved one might want a pruning saw instead of a bow saw - finding the right gift for anyone can be a daunting task. 

Don't worry though - here's a round-up of the best gardening Christmas gifts for men and women so that you can get through the gift buying stage a lot faster and win many brownie points with your green-fingered friends.

Best gardening tools

1. Old garden hand tools

From £13,

Old Garden hand tools

These recycled and restored old tools - dibbers, forks, trowels and weeders - are the ideal long-lasting addition to any gardener's arsenal. 

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2. Access Garden Set of 3 Glass Victorian Bell Cloches ​


Access Garden Set of 3 Glass Victorian Bell Cloches ​ Credit: Internet Gardener

These glass cloches provide effective protection against pests and frost, as well as creating warm and humid 'greenhouse' conditions to stimulate growth.

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3. William Morris Garden Tool Set


William Morris Garden Tool Set Credit: Amara

This handy tool set is covered in a classic William Morris floral print, and comes in a charming gift box. It forms part of a range of patterned garden tools which have been developed in association with the V&A Museum, London.

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4. Okatsune Shears

From £75, Niwaki 

 Okatsune Shears 

These sturdy blades from Japan are ideal for anyone keen on topiary. They're great for clipping box, cloud pruning shrubs, trimming hedges and just about anything else you want to chop.  Not to be confused with the rusty old things at the back of the shed.

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5. Plantini Mini Planthouse

£24.95, Another Studio

Plantini Mini Planthouse 

How can you fail to like this stunning planthouse kit?  The ornate metal structure includes everything you need to grow your own tabletop hot house, including instructions, a planting pot, compost disc and viola seeds.

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6. Felco tool sharpener 


Felco tool sharpener

Useful diamond-coated sharpening tool for use on shears and secateurs without the need for dismantling or specialist help.

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7. Gubbins Tins

£19.95, Sophie Conran

Gubbins tin

Perfect for bundling up gardening bits and bobs, these cheery tins will save gardeners time hunting and unravelling. Each set contains nine labelled pots set in a tray.  Also available in grey, duck egg blue and raspberry.

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8. Perennial Spade 

£22.99, Burgon and Ball

 Perennial Spade  

Endorsed by the RHS, this great value spade is ideal for slicing through perennial plants to split and divide them up. It's also great for hands and knees gardening.

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9. Gardena Comfort Ratchet Lopper SmartCut


Gardena Comfort Ratchet Lopper SmartCut Credit: Gardena

This lopper is ideal when you need to reach up to cut bigger branches. It has a ratchet function that is automatically activated.

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10. Sussex Trug

£78, Labour and Wait

Sussex Trug

It may seem pricey but this is definitely not a cheap imitation. Produced in the heart of East London's market district, this Sussex Trug is handcrafted using chestnut and willow from sustainable resources and every one is individually signed by the maker. 

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11. Terracotta rhubarb forcer

From £89.99,

 Terracotta rhubarb forcer 

It has a practical purpose but this also makes a beautiful garden ornament when placed in your vegetable garden. With a removable lid, this terracotta forcer can be used to cover early crops like rhubarb, chicory and asparagus and 'force' them into producing their ready to eat harvest earlier than usual.

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12. Vambrace glove extensions


Arm protectors

These British-made leather arm protectors shield your skin and clothing from brambles and thorns while you're digging and planting.

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13. Large butterflies tote bag


Butterflies tote bag

Adorned with images of butterflies from the Natural History Museum picture library with their Latin names, this simple tote bag is perfect for transporting utensils or for your weekly shop.

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14. Orla Kiely Potting Gloves


Orla Kiely Potting Gloves

Super stylish canvas gloves in Orla Kiely's bright, distinctive design will keep green-fingered hands warm and clean. A perfect stocking filler.

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15. Long Garden Tool Belt Apron 

£7.49, Amazon

Long Garden Tool Belt Apron 

Made from durable olive and tan trim canvas, this smart garden apron and tool belt is built to last. It's great value and has adjustable neck and waist straps and of course various compartments for all those trusty tools.

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16. Tremont Supreme Tall Boots


Tremont Supreme Tall Boots Credit: Muck Boot Company

If you don't fancy bright pink wellies with spots on, but don't want the usual countryside green either, these wellies are a great compromise. 

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Furniture and Decoration

17. Space saving potting bench with storage 


Space saving potting bench with storage  Credit: Waitrose

This compact wooden potting bench is a must-have. It is ideal if you are tight on space but still want a decent work area.

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18. Leaf green cacoon



This combined hanging chair, hammock and tent is made from fabric developed by the marine and camping industries, making it durable and safe, as well as lightweight. Hang it from a tree in the garden and watch your flowers grow.

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19. Shadylace parasol


Shadylace parasol

This grey parasol has cut-out lace detailing that will leave foliage-shaped shadows on your lawn in the sunshine, while still protecting you from the rays.

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20. Hanging Brass Sky Lantern

From £28,

Hanging Brass Sky Lantern

Hanging lanterns are ideal for giving a twinkly glow to evening meals out in the garden. These come in two sizes and can be hung along paths and above courtyards.

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21. Summer Parasols

From £315,

Summer parasol 

Garden parasols in block prints, antique textiles, richly coloured taffetas with sari borders, tassels, pom poms and silver top pieces from Indian temples.

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22. Waterproof picnic blanket 


Waterproof picnic blanket

 Shake out this recycled wool blanket when playing and picnicking on the lawn. With detachable handle.

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23. Cast iron disc brazier​


Cast iron disc brazier

This simple design will hold a good sized fire, perfect for cool summer evenings while complementing the look of your garden.

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Fun and useful gifts

24. Petersham Nurseries tomato gift box


Petersham Nurseries tomato gift box

Want to grow Principe Borghese, Roma, Pantano, San Marzano, Costoluto Genevose and Cuor di Bue? This box of Italian Heirloom tomato seeds is the way to go.

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25. Album Benary Print

From £10,

Album Benary print

Want to brighten up the wall of your kitchen or potting shed? This print, with images of melons from varieties taken from the Album Benary, is a 19th century nod to your favourite hobby.

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26. Gardeners Hand Therapy

£20.50, Crabtree and Evelyn

Gardeners Hand Therapy

After all that digging, this top-selling cream from Crabtree and Evelyn is made of rich shea butter and fragranced with clover, lavender, sage rosemary and thyme. There's a hand scrub and hand wash available too if you want to complete the set.

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27. National Trust Summer House 

 From £4,999,

National Trust summerhouse 

A rustic retreat, with traditional design features inspired by Trust properties and in a range of colours.

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28. Pikplant Jar Coffee Plant 


Pikplant Jar Coffee Plant 

 This Coffea arabica plant would suit a beginner. It lives in an airtight humid biotope  so no watering needed.

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29. ROBERTS Revival Bluetooth Digital Radio

From £169.99, John Lewis & Partners

ROBERTS Revival Bluetooth Digital Radio

This is a super stylish 1950s-style radio with 21st century smart radio features. You'll help make gardening that extra bit more fun for them. 

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30. The Botanical Wall Chart

£9.99, Amazon

The Botanical Wall Chart

Botanical charts are experiencing a resurgence in interest, both as pieces of art and as objects of scientific and historical significance. This collection of wall charts from all over the globe will delight anyone with an interest in botanical illustration, history  and the natural world.

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