Best forehead thermometer

Jen Karner
·1-min read
 A woman in a hijab gets her temperature taken.
A woman in a hijab gets her temperature taken.

Using a forehead thermometer, you can get a quick and easy temperature reading in seconds without ever having to make skin contact. The days of putting a thermometer under your child's tongue and waiting two minutes are long over, and now there are faster and more accurate options available. Many new forehead thermometers come with various features and even have color-coded LCD screens to make taking a temperature faster and easier than ever before. 

Bottom line

A forehead thermometer is a faster and more accurate way to get the temperature of your family. When picking a thermometer, you want an option that fits your budget and delivers the features you need. While there are various excellent options to choose from, we recommend the Hotodeal infrared forehead thermometer. It features fast readings, doesn't require contact, has color-coded LCD screens, and even includes a fever alarm!