Best finger splint

Amy Kaspriskie
·1-min read
 Finger splint
Finger splint

Digits in distress could use a little support, and that's where a finger splint comes in handy. Finger splints restrain joints, keeping extremities extended. Immobilized joints can reduce pain associated with sprains, strains, trigger finger, arthritis, and more. With many movement-restricting designs available, from minimalist joint-targeted options to full-finger styles, there's a splint to satisfy every need. From pointer to pinky, we've compiled the most accommodating finger split collection.

You can handle it

Everything from joint to tendon-related discomfort can leave fingers feeling overworked and sore. To help revive distraught digits, a finger splint can do wonders. Finger splints immobilize these appendages to restrict movement for pain relief. The Vive trigger finger splint, our staff pick, works directly at the joint to keep any finger in line. Its simple neoprene design is comfortable, and the steadfast aluminum brace keeps the finger upright. It's easy to see why this simple solution tops our list.

But if your thumb needs a little assistance, the Mueller reversible thumb stabilizer is the right selection. Ideal for use on either the left or right hand, this versatile design embraces the palm and keeps the thumb extended. With an adjustable, three-strap design, it's easily customized for a tailored fit.