The Best Fertility Podcasts For People Trying To Conceive

Erika W. Smith

Difficulty conceiving is a common experience, yet there’s still a lot of stigma when it comes to talking about it openly. According to the CDC, about 12.1% of cis women age 15 to 44 in the U.S. have difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term. And just a slightly lower number — 11.9% — have received some kind of infertility service in their lifetime.

Despite how common difficulty conceiving is, there are a lot of myths about infertility out there — like the idea that if you get on birth control, your fertility will be permanently lowered. (With most forms of birth control, you’ll be fertile within a few days after you stop taking it. No form of birth control will permanently lower your fertility, with the exception of sterilisation.)

If you’re trying to conceive, you may want to learn the facts about how fertility actually works. Or you may want to hear from people who now have children — through giving birth, surrogacy, or adoption — after struggling with infertility. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a podcast for that, and reviewers say that listening to them makes them feel more informed and less alone. For National Infertility Awareness Week, we’ve found some of the best fertility podcasts out there.

The Fertility Warriors Podcast

Host: Robyn Birkin, fertility coach

About: “An IVF and miscarriage veteran herself, [Robyn Birkin] shares stories, wisdom, advice, tips and supporting words through the podcast to help women navigate the murky waters of trying (and sometimes for much longer than we hope!) to conceive.”

They’re saying: “This podcast is just what I needed while going through fertility treatment. It’s so great to feel like I’m not alone.” - Petey the dragon

The Fertility Podcast

Host: Natalie Silverman, radio presenter and voice actor

About: “If you’ve found your route to parenthood hasn’t been straightforward, this podcast is for you. From IVF and ICSI to secondary infertility, surrogacy, or adoption, hear stories from others who have been through something similar to you.”

They’re saying: “Infertility is such a hard thing to talk about, and can feel so lonely at times. It is amazing to hear stories from women on all different subjects of fertility and be reminded that there are so many out there feeling the same way you are, and there is support for whatever you are dealing with.” - LaurLars

Creating A Family: Talk About Infertility, Adoption & Foster Care

Host: Dawn Davenport, executive director of the nonprofit Creating A Family

About: “We interview leading experts on infertility, adoption, and foster care each week to bring you unbiased, accurate information.”

They’re saying: “As someone who is working through infertility treatments and considering adoption/foster care in the future, I find this podcast very informative. There is a wide range of topics covered and many knowledgeable guests.” - AllisonC2019

Let’s Talk Fertility With Izzy Judd

Host: Izzy Judd, author and violinist

About: “By exploring other people’s paths to parenthood and talking to holistic and medical experts, Izzy hopes her podcast will give listeners a fully informed and emotionally supportive space, as well as an introduction to a community whose support she has found to be invaluable.”

They’re saying: “This podcast has given me some peace and also insight into the bigger ‘wellness’ picture.” - wm1786

Big Fat Negative

Hosted by: Journalists Emma Forsyth Haslett and Gabriella Griffith

About: “This show follows [Haslett's and Griffith's] stories on the not-so-simple journey to motherhood, while also interviewing a range of experts on all things infertility.”

They’re saying: “So helpful to hear honest, raw and authentic discussions about infertility and the struggle of trying to conceive. As a member of the TTC community this show is so enlightening, answering many questions my curious mind has had and also provides comfort and validation for the heartache and confusion.” - Kelly_22

Fertility Talk With Reproductive Science Center of New Jersey

Hosts: Fertility experts Dr. William Ziegler, Dr. Jessica Mann, and Dr. Alan Martinez

About: “Listen to the latest informational podcasts from RSC New Jersey fertility experts.”

They’re saying: No reviews yet, but we like how science-focused this podcast is.

Infertile Mafia

Hosts: Podcasters Sarah Bruna & Kaela McDougall

About: “Infertility sucks! But, not as much when you have a friend you can talk to about eggs and balls and stuff. This is where you go when it feels like everyone has babies, except you.”

They’re saying: I was always terrified of the word ‘infertility.’ We started going to a FERTILITY clinic to deal with our FERTILITY challenges and I refused to accept that INFERTILITY was something we were dealing with. This podcast helped me own the word and gave me power in knowing that I wasn’t alone.” - Kawena O.

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