Best false eyelashes to suit your look, from natural to dramatic

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 (R.E.M Beauty)
(R.E.M Beauty)

Longing for longer lashes with va-va-voom? Or after something more delicate and wispy?

Whether you’re amping up your eyelashes with a dark, dramatic and bold effect, or simply after a natural look, false eyelashes will have you covered from the everyday, to special occasions and big nights out.

To take your mascara to the next level, false eyelashes add instant volume and length to your natural lashes and there are plenty of different options out there for whatever eye look that you want to create. Just consider your eye shape, length and the application guidelines when browsing, and how long they will last for to make the right choice.

How to apply false eyelashes?

False eyelashes will differ in their style – from their length to their thickness – but most follow the same application process.

Once you have chosen the set, you can trim the falsies to fit your eye shape and length if needed. Then apply a thin layer of glue along the lash line of the false eyelashes. Most sets tend to come with a tube of lash glue but if not, it is easy enough to get hold of either online or from high street shops such as Boots and Superdrug.

Wait 20-30 seconds to settle and then position the falsies on your lash line of the upper eye and press down gently to secure them. You can use an application tool such as tweezers to assist you in positioning to make it easier for first-timers. Finally, top up with a little mascara for some added volume and hide any telltale white residue with liner.

See our pick of the best false eyelashes with extra fluttery results…

Sweed Lashes All Black Pro Lashes

Whether after a subtle pop or fuller, volumised lashes, this falsie set from Sweed may be just the answer. The individual black lashes are available in three different lengths – eight, 10 and 12mm – so you can choose exactly what style you want and tailor it to create a natural and professional-level lash look.

Buy now £12.50, SpaceNK

Huda Classic Lash 7 Samantha

Go for a feathery, medium-volume style with Huda’s original classic lash collection. Made from synthetic and natural fibres with double layering and varying lengths, this can be applied for an everyday look to add drama. Each lash can be used up to 12 times if properly cared for.

Buy now £12.80, FeelUnique

r.e.m. Beauty Dream False Lashes

She may be most known for her four-octave vocal range, but Ariana Grande is also the founder of r.e.m beauty, providing high-performing, ethical products for all skin types.

Her Dream False Lashes will instantly create a natural-looking lash with a feathery effect, in line with the singer’s signature look. They’re also vegan and cruelty-free.

The falsies come complete with a lightweight band that glues onto your lash line to give you perfect-looking lashes with a barely-there feel.

Buy now £15.00, Selfridges

Sweed Lashes Nikki No Lash-Lash

Designed in collaboration with viral Instagram sensation and make-up artist Nikki Wolff, these no-lash lashes prove that with just the simplest of touches, you can entirely transform your day-to-day makeup routine.

Ultra-lightweight and easy to apply, they come in four varying lengths and are made up of delicate clusters that you can mix and match to create a natural fluttery look. Either apply along the entire lash line for depth and volume, or place a few in the corners to enhance your eye shape. Siren or doe eyes anyone?

Buy now £20.00, Cult Beauty

Benefit REAL False Lashes Girly Up Lash

Easy to apply with thin and flexible strips, these false eyelashes from Benefit are a quick and hassle-free option. Bringing volume and length to your natural lashes, the corners also flare out for a glam cat-eye effect with flirty, fluttery results. They’re also so comfortable that you’ll forget you even have them on.

Buy now £12.50, John Lewis

Mac Art Library 75 Lash

Make a statement with a dramatic eye look by incorporating MAC’s winged-out lashes into your out-out routine. The falsies have a unique crisscross pattern which creates an extra intense, striking effect. Apply with lash glue (not included) and cue the compliments.

Buy now £12.50, John Lewis

Too Faced Better Than Sex Faux Mink Falsie Lashes Natural Flirt

These Faux Mink 3D lashes have an advanced thin-flex band that allows them to mould to each unique eye shape. They are designed with differing lengths in order to blend into your natural lashes for a subtle result. Vegan, cruelty-free and reusable, you can whip them out whenever you want to amp up your lash look.

Buy now £12.00, FeelUnique

Eylure Fluttery Light False Lashes

Don’t underestimate the power of lashes to completely transform your lashes. This is an overlapping design that will instantly create a fuller, fluffier appearance. The long angled lashes are reusable for up to five wears and a latex-free lash glue is included.

Buy now £4.12, Amazon

Wiwoseo Eyelashes

All eyes will be on you with these dramatic 3D lashes. Made from a high-quality synthetic material, they are super soft to the touch. Prepare to bat your lashes as these blend right in for a natural appearance.

They are kitted out with a flexible strap for easy application and to provide comfort for all day and night wear. There are 10 pairs included so you’ll always have a set to hand.

Buy now £8.54, Amazon

Wing It Cosmetics Boardroom Silk False Eyelashes & Stick With Me Adhesive Eyeliner Set

Transform your lashes with this starter set from Wing It Cosmetics. With the label’s exclusive Stick With Me adhesive eyeliner – a non-toxic, vegan formula for lash application – they affix with ease. The lashes have a silky texture and leave you with a dramatic, defined eye look.

Buy now £35.00, Wing It Cosmetics