The best eyebrow shape for your age

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From bold brows to thin '90s-style arches, the beauty world is obsessed with eyebrows at the moment.

But while your face shape, eye shape, and lifestyle can all impact the type of brows that will work best for you, one factor not often taken into consideration is age.

"Over time, the muscles on our face slacken, which is why it's so important to maintain healthy brows over the years, as they resonate with youthfulness," explained brow expert and chief executive of Rubis Tweezers, Fides Baldesberger.

So where do you begin on your journey to fabulous brows? Read on for the secrets to making your eyebrows big, bold, and beautiful at any age.

In your twenties:

The goal in your twenties, when hair growth is at its peak, is to grow out the brows for a fuller look.

"This means tweeze sparingly, only in areas far outside your brow-shape range. Over-plucking makes the brows too far apart and can throw off the whole shape, so aim to keep a finger's width between each brow," she said. "With plucking any hairs you want to ensure precision so use tweezers with a slanted edge to pluck one hair at a time that strays out of your brow shape."

Fill in brows with a quality pencil. Great products to check out include Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Cheat in Natural Brown, a precision eyebrow pencil with an angled tip, or Glossier’s Boy Brow grooming pomade.

In your thirties:

"Your thirties are the perfect time to embrace your natural brow and not try to force them into a different shape. Make sure you pick a brow shape that fits the flow of your true hair growth. If you have inherently soft rounded brows, then try and avoid tweezing them into a very sharp angular line. Don't try to change your brows dramatically, simply guide them," noted Fides. "Make sure to not over-tweeze the insides of your brows; keep the outline as neat as possible. This will make sure the body of your brow remains healthy while dealing with strays. After all, the more you pluck the same area, the thinner those hairs will grow back. This is due to damage to the hair follicle, so use this knowledge to ward away strays only. Again, you want precision plucking, so using a pointer tweezer will ensure you pluck the one hair from the root."

When filling in your brows, choose colours that are one shade lighter if your hairs are naturally dark, or one shade darker if your hairs are naturally light and you want to make them darker.

Get immaculate arches in one easy step with Hourglass’ Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette, or Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz, an ultra-slim retractable brow pencil for filling in and detailing brows.

In your forties:

This is the time to start raising your eyebrow.

"You want to create a bigger space between the eyebrow and the orbital space, the area around your eye. This will help create a more youthful appearance and open up the face more instead of sagging it downwards," the beauty pro shared. "Take inspiration from Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Hurley, or Laverne Cox and try out some straight and longer styles. This will make your eyes look wider and more awake. Over-plucking will be your downfall, so be sure to keep a neat shape and focus on making your arch as straight as possible."

In your fifties and over:

You want to create a larger space between your brows, which in turn widens your eyes, and gives the impression of a tighter face.

"Thinning out your eyebrow slightly at the bottom will allow your brow bone to shine. Choosing a steep arch will also accentuate the face-lift element, and give you a classic silver-screen look that's to die for," continued Fides. "Our hair also gets lighter as we get older so you may find that your brows are whiter and less dense than they once were. To combat this, many people over-tweeze, over-fill, and make them way too dark. You need to work with your natural brows to get the most organic results possible. With this in mind, make sure that your shape isn't too thin, or too tattoo-like. Soft yet angular brows create that face-lift effect without the fakeness that harsh dark lines can cause on older skin. As with any age group, making sure your brows match the roots of your scalp will also keep things natural and elegant."