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The fjords of Greenland

Touring the fjords and ice floes of Greenland makes for a truly spectacular cruise. Polar bears, narwhals and walruses are scattered through the spectacular frozen landscape, and there are enchanting settlements waiting to be explored. Fred Olsen Cruise Lines has a 14-night tour from £1,899pp, departing from Liverpool on July 30 2019. It includes four days of Greenlandic exploration, packed with scenic cruising of sounds and fjords, such as Prins Christiansund, as well as tours in Reykjavik, Iceland’s vibrant capital, and Belfast on the return home. [Photo: Getty]

10 of the world's best cruise holidays

Ellie Ross

A cruise is a great way to explore different destinations.

Travelling by boat, you can reach places only accessible by water, from the glaciers of the Antarctic to the quiet canals of France.

You can hop on and off at interesting spots to explore on foot, or simply kick back and watch the landscape drift by from the comfort of your ship’s deck.

From Greenland to the Ganges, here are ten of the world’s best cruises you won’t want to miss.