These Are The Best Countries For Remote Working

Nick Levine
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As many of us approach a full year of working from home, it looks as though flexible work weeks are here to stay – one survey found that nine in ten millennials now expect one. And as the lines between “work” and “home” have inevitably blurred, we’re prioritising a healthy work-life balance to an even greater extent.

With this in mind, it’s reassuring to read a new study which ranks the UK as the world’s second best country to be a “digital nomad” – someone works remotely on a permanent basis.

Though broadband and mobile internet speeds in the UK don’t compare favourably to other countries in the top ten, remote working seems to have caught the imagination here. Only Canada is registering a greater number of Google searches for “remote jobs”.

Canada finishes top of the Digital Nomad Index compiled by Circle Loop with an overall digital nomad score of 74%. The index takes into account various factors including broadband and mobile internet speeds, the average monthly cost of WiFi and the average monthly rent for one-bed flat.

Also factored in are the country’s acceptance of migrant workers, its World Happiness Index score and the number of Google searches for remote working there.

Romania, third on the list, looks like the best value place for remote working. The average monthly rent for a one-bed flat there is just £283 – less than half the UK average of £808.

With the exception of Canada and Australia, the top ten is made up exclusively of countries in Europe. Check out the final results in the table below.

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