The Best Cocktail To Pair With A Tofu Scramble

tofu scramble in pan
tofu scramble in pan - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

Beloved for its seemingly magical abilities to mimic the texture and flavor of scrambled eggs, tofu scramble is a staple of vegan and vegetarian menus. While the soy-based dish is delightful on its own, the right beverage can take the experience to a whole new level. According to Priya Rao, also known as The Social Herbivore, the mimosa is the ideal cocktail to complement a tofu scramble, which is one of the best ways to cook with tofu. Rao, a renowned vegan food consultant, TV host, and co-author of "The Social Herbivore: Perfect Pairings for Plant-based Cuisine," shared her insights on this delicious duo with Mashed, emphasizing the mimosa's versatility and simplicity.

"Since [tofu scramble is] generally a breakfast or brunch dish, I'd choose a mimosa," Rao explains. A classic mimosa recipe calls for equal parts champagne and chilled orange juice, boasting a light, bubbly palate and thirst-quenching, citrusy notes. The effervescence of the champagne adds a lively touch that contrasts beautifully with the creamy texture of the tofu. Also, tofu scramble is often seasoned with various spices, herbs, and flavor-boosting ingredients like black salt and nutritional yeast to generate that impressively imitative "eggy" profile enjoyed by omnivores and carnivores alike. The effortless yet sophisticated mimosa is the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity for most brunch fare, including a hearty tofu scramble.

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Mimosas Elevate The Humble Tofu Scramble

Hands holding mimosas
Hands holding mimosas - Eric Marion Williams/Getty Images

The cocktail's festive qualities make it an optimal choice for mid-morning fare, especially when it's skillfully crafted with the best champagne or sparkling wine. The mimosa's lower alcohol content also makes it a suitable choice for the earlier hours of the day — when consumed in moderation, of course. The convivial atmosphere of a brunch customarily calls for a celebratory, no-fuss drink, and the mimosa fits this bill to a tee. Plus, the mimosa's palate-cleansing qualities are mega-refreshing, allowing you to fully embrace the tofu's silky texture in each forkful.

Whether you prefer your tofu scramble on the spicy side or infused with savory add-ins like nutritional yeast and black salt, Priya Rao wholeheartedly believes that the mimosa's vibrant character has the power to highlight these elements without overwhelming them. The result is a creamy, fizzy, and tangy, flavor combination that intrigues the taste buds.

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