The Best Brands to Shop From If You Love Simple Sandals

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Minimalists have been having a ball this year, quite frankly. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it's just about Daniel Lee's Bottega Veneta and The Row's pared-back aesthetic but it's so much more than that. The less-is-more look has permeated throughout all of fashion (with the exception of those brands with bold design DNAs), and it's easy to see why it's so popular. A plainer, less fussy piece, whether it's clothes or accessories, will work with everything else you already own. It's a smart choice in many ways—it can help you shop less and ensure your wardrobe is as sustainable as possible.

While we've already written about minimalist outfits and influencers, today, we're talking about the best places to find minimalist sandals. OK, we might be halfway through the summer but that doesn't mean you don't need sandals anymore. If we're lucky, September might just be warm too, so you'll get quite a lot of wear out of this footwear. Where, I hear you ask, can you find the best minimalist sandals? Well, quite a few places, in all honesty.

There are plenty of brands that cater to the strappy, monochrome needs. The good news is that this type of sandal isn't just from the uber-expensive brands, it's also available on the high street. Keep scrolling for my list of the best brands that do minimalist sandals.


Elinor Block wearing Charles & Keith sandals

Chales & Keith Strappy Metallic Heel Sandals (£45)

Charles & Keith Toe Loop Slide Sandals (£39)

Charles & Keith Strappy Ankle Tie Sandals (£45)

Charles & Keith Leather Strappy Sandals (£65)

Charles & Keith Two-Tone Thick Strap Flats (£39)


COS Leather Sliders (£69)

COS Chunky Leather Sandals (£89)

COS Chunky Leather Sandals (£89)

COS Leather Heeled Shoes (£125)

COS Leather Heeled Shoes (£125)


Monikh Dale wearing The Row sandals

The Row Bare Mid-Heel Leather Slingback Sandals (£650)

The Row Bare Leather Sandals (£625)

The Row Bare Leather Sandals (£650)

The Row Hook and Loop Leather and Neoprene Sandals (£875)

The Row Clear Sandals (£600)


Aeydē Larissa Leather Mules (£225)

Aeydē Marina Leather Slides (£175)

Aeydē Larissa Leather Mules (£225)

Aeydē Daisy Leather Sandals (£250)

Aeydē Pearl Leather Mules (£225)


Porte & Paire Leather Mules (£260)

Porte & Paire Croc-Effect Leather Sandals (£240)

Porte & Paire Woven Leather Sandals (£255)

Porte & Paire Croc-Effect Leather Sandals (£180)

Porte & Paire Leather Sandals (£240)


Arket Strappy Slip-On Leather Sandals (£150)

Arket Mid-Heel Leather Strap Sandal (£150)

Arket Slip-On Leather Sandals (£150)

Arket Flatform Thong Sandals (£125)

Arket Leather Slide (£145)


Emme Parsons Bari Leather Sandals (£375)

Emme Parsons Ava Leather Sandals (£375)

Emme Parsons Adele Metallic Leather Sandals (£410)

Emme Parsons Ava Metallic Leather Sandals (£375)

Emme Parsons Tobias Leather Sandals (£425)


Alexis Foreman wearing Neous sandals

Neous Cream Leather Sandals (£385)

Neous Red Erandra 55 Leather Sandals (£360)

Neous Cream Florae 60 Leather Sandals (£355)

Neous Neutral Epige Leather Clog Sandals (£450)

Neous Black Tulip 55 Slingback Sandals (£395)


By Far Jackie Patent-Leather Sandals (£295)

By Far Otto Glossed-Leather and Linen Flip Flops (£245)

By Far Steffi Leather Wedge Mules (£235)

By Far Lily Leather-Trimmed Mesh Mules (£295)

By Far Tanya Patent-Leather Mules (£275)

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