The best Black Friday kitchen deals to shop ASAP

In The Know Cooking Editor Ellie Conley is just in time to share some of the hottest Black Friday kitchen deals that you should shop!

This episode of In The Know Live: Cooking originally aired on Nov. 23 2021.

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ELLIE: Hi, everyone. I'm Ellie, Senior Cooking Editor at "In The Know" by Yahoo. And you're watching "In The Know Live, Kitchen Gadgets."


Today, I'm going to be talking about one of my very favorite holidays. Yes, I love Thanksgiving, but I'm actually talking about Black Friday. Already so many stores have released their best deals of the year, and that means you don't have to wait until actual Black Friday to score some of the lowest prices.

So here are five of the best deals you can find already on kitchen gadgets and cookware from some of your favorite stores. First up is the Kitchenaid stand mixer. This one has a five quart lift bold design, and you can really use-- the lift bowl provides a little bit more stability. You can really use it to knead dough, mix batter, shred meat, like, literally anything you can do with a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

But the best thing about this is the price. Right now you can get it at Target for 49% off. It regularly costs $429.99. And you can get it for $219.99. That is 49% off. This is huge. Kitchenaid does put their mixers on sale here and there, but not like this. Like, this is an incredible deal. And if you've been wanting a Kitchenaid stand mixer, now's the time to buy. This is it.

The next deal up is the Pioneer Woman 30 piece cookware set. And you can get this exclusively at Walmart. The Pioneer Woman cookware set, this 30 piece set is a Walmart exclusive. And this set is exclusive to Black Friday. I search all over Walmart's website for this set before the deal drops and I could not find a 30 piece set.

I did find a 25 piece set on sale, or a regularly priced for $149. This one is only $79. So, this is a pretty big deal. And this 30 piece set comes in her signature floral prints. And you can get the prints in either this turquoise color or a gray, but the 30 piece set, this is huge. This includes your pots and pans, a cast iron skillet, a baking dish and a pie dish, both with lids, some knives, a cutting board, wooden spoon, a slotted turner, measuring spoons, measuring cups, literally everything for only $79.

This is huge, especially if you're maybe moving into your first home, maybe you just want to re-stock your kitchen, upgrade everything you have with the Pioneer Woman cookware. I don't blame you. But again, this deal seems like it's exclusive to Black Friday. So if you like it, I would definitely shop it quickly.

Next up is this Pyrex 12 piece food storage container set. You can get this at Macy's for nearly 70% off. It regularly costs $43, but right now you can get it for only $14.99. This is a great deal because I don't know anyone who likes to spend a lot of money on food storage containers. And this set, you get six containers and six matching lids.

The containers are also glass, so you can put your leftovers, all those holiday leftovers in them. You can put them in the freezer, they're freezer safe. They're microwave safe when you want to reheat your leftovers. And they're dishwasher safe when you want to clean them, which is perfect. It makes it so easy for all of you're heating up your leftovers, storing them, everything, it's great. They're also glass, so they could double as like a serving dish if you really wanted to. Again, these ones are 70% off at Macy's right now.

Next up is the Power XL five quart air fryer. This one is huge. This one is 59% off at Bed Bath & Beyond. It normally retails for $120, but you can get it right now for only $50. It has 10 preset buttons for air frying, roasting, broiling, baking, and dehydrating just about any food you can think of.

It also has a few quick start buttons for things like chicken wings and french fries, a few air frying favorites. If you've never air fried before, let me tell you, I am new to air frying this year. And I use my air fryer probably once a day. And I'm obsessed. It's basically just like a mini, really fast cooking oven. And it takes a lot quicker to heat food up because it's a little bit of a smaller space.

But this five quart basket can probably fit three to four big sized chicken breasts. So that way, you could cook like a whole meal for the family in that one basket. And a smaller air fryer, you're going to have to do it in batches and try to keep someone else's warm while you're cooking the other. It's just so much easier to get one that's like this, like a five quart basket. So definitely check that deal out at Bed Bath & Beyond.

And next up is our last deal from our place, and it is the Always Pan and the Perfect Pot. The Always Pan is the one on screen right now. This one you might have seen on Instagram. It regularly retails for $145, and it's on sale right now for $99. That's a huge deal. This pan and this pot never goes on sale.

This one, it's a nonstick aluminum pan. It's super lightweight. It comes with a custom steam basket for steaming any food. And it also comes with a wooden spoon and a spoon holder right on the handle so you don't spill any sauces or anything like that while you're cooking.

People love the Always Pan. And it comes in a bunch of fun colors, but I actually checked today. A lot of the colors are selling out, so definitely get the color you want right now. You can also get the Perfect Pot in the same colors. The Perfect Pot is kind of just like the Always Pan but, of course, it's not a pan, it's a pot.

It also comes with a custom roaster, like a roasting basket in the bottom that can also double as a steamer. Also comes with a wooden spoon and a spoon holder. But a little bit different, you can also put the Perfect Pot in the oven like you would a standard Dutch oven. This pot is on sale for $125, it's normally $165.

You can also get both of these as a set. Our place calls this The Home Cook Duo, which is the pan and the pot. It's normally $310, but you can get it $100 off for only $210. That is a great deal. Again, if you liked any of these deals today, take a look at the links below and to the side depending on where you're watching. And I would shop quickly.

Because of the pandemic, there have been a lot of supply chain shortages and shipping delays, and if you want to get your items in time for the holidays, you have to shop quickly. This is your weekend, this is your week, you've got this. Thanks again for tuning in to this episode of "In The Know Live, Kitchen Gadgets." I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a happy shopping on Black Friday. See you later.


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