April's best new books, including Stephen King, Danielle Steel and Lee Child

Caroline Allen
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The page turners we all need right now. (Getty Images)
The page turners we all need right now. (Getty Images)

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It’s hard to escape everything that’s happening in the world right now, but getting lost in a book is one of the best ways of doing that.

Luckily, April has come armed with multiple tantalising book releases from literary heavyweights like Stephen King, Danielle Steel and Lee Child.

These books cover everything from crime thrillers to romantic comedies and everything in between.

Even in these uncertain times, we can all take a bit of solace from an afternoon lost in a good book.

Slime, David Walliams | 2 April 2020

Ok, this isn’t technically a book for adults, but we know many of you adults love David Walliams’ funny children’s books.

With the children at home, this is a great one to read as a family and makes light of how “awful” grown ups are ruining all of the children’s favourite activities.

It’s light-hearted, it’s great fun and just what we need to pass the time at the moment.

The Shrine, LJ Ross | 26 April 2020

The DCI Ryan mystery books are always hugely popular and The Shrine is no exception.

This one is set in spring (does anybody else think there’s something nice about reading a book set in the season we’re in?) and one of their colleagues is shot dead on their doorstep.

There’s rumours that it’s an inside job and DCI Ryan is drafted in to investigate.

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If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands during this time, why not give LJ Ross’ back catalogue of DCI Ryan novels a read? They won’t disappoint.

One Of Us Is Lying, Shalini Boland | 3 April 2020

We’re a huge fan of Shalini Boland novels. Her recent book, The Perfect Family, made it onto our favourite releases last year and now she’s back and better than ever.

When Tia is walking home with her daughter, Rosie, she notices Rosie seems troubled. When she finally gets out of her what’s wrong, her daughter asks: “Why did you kill someone?”

The ending of this book is gasp-worthy and if you’re looking for a bit of escapism, look no further.

Fans of Big Little Lies will absolutely love Shalini Boland’s writing.

Blue Moon (Jack Reacher 24), Lee Child | 2 April 2020

If you’re into thrillers, you’ve most likely read a Lee Child novel at some point. The Jack Reacher series is some of Child’s best work and another series to immerse yourself in if you find you’ve got a little extra time on your hands.

Two rival gangs are battling for control in the city, but neither gang considered what would happen if Jack Reacher turned up on their patch.

As always, this book is fast-paced and captivating. It’s also one of our favourites of the whole series - and that’s saying something.

The Gift Of Cockleberry Bay, Nicola May | 1 April 2020

The third - and last - of the Cockleberry Bay series concludes in such a wonderful and warm way - we didn’t expect any less.

As Rosa Smith starts to think about having a family of her own, she looks to sell her beloved inherited corner shop. In doing so, she finds out that it can’t be sold, but only given to somebody who truly deserves it.

This news spreads around and all of a sudden all sorts of untrustworthy characters are showing up to try to get their hands on the corner shop.

This book is everything you need in times like these and maybe a little bit more.

Family For Beginners, Sarah Morgan | 2 April 2020

Sarah Morgan is a Sunday Times bestselling author for good reason. All of her books are uplifting and emotional (we cried, yes) and Family For Beginners is such a realistic look at family life in all its complexities.

When Flora falls in love with widower Jack, she finds herself living in the shadow of Jack’s former wife, Becca. Jack wants to keep his family traditions alive and so wants to spend the summer with Becca’s friends.

Flora finds herself desperate to fit in to a whole new dynamic and it’s not easy, but as the summer unfolds, she starts to learn more about herself and her vision of what a perfect family should look like.

Walk The Wire, David Baldacci | 16 April 2020

This is a new and noteworthy book in the Amos Decker crime series. It’s one of those rare books that grip you from the first page and if you’re looking for something to get completely lost in, Walk The Wire is your best option.

When a woman’s remains are found in North Dakota, the FBI have to get involved due to her mysterious past. It’s clear from the offset that the teacher had something to hide.

Amos Decker is drafted in to try to figure out what the woman had to hide and why she ended up dead as a result.

The Eve Illusion, Giovanna and Tom Fletcher | 16 April 2020

This is the second book in the trilogy from number one best sellers Giovanna and Tom Fletcher. You may remember the first; Eve Of Man.

This dystopian novel has an air of Hunger Games about it and we love it. It follows Eve, who has been a prisoner trapped for the past 16 years but jumps on an opportunity to escape.

In this dangerous new world, will the old regime catch up to her?

If It Bleeds, Stephen King | 28 April 2020

This collection of four long stories is simply brilliant. Stephen King is easily one of the best writers of our time, so it’s a joy to read not one, but four different stories in one book.

If you’ve read and loved The Outsider (like us) you’ll appreciate the standalone sequel to the best-selling novel within the pages of this book.

With hints of humour, suspense and that feeling of page-turning joy we all get when engrossed in a good book, these short stories showcase King at his best.

A Theatre For Dreamers, Polly Samson | 2 April 2020

This book is so beautifully written there’s something almost poetic about it. A Theatre For Dreamers is set in the Greek island of Hydra in 1960 which is the perfect escapism in times like these.

When teenager, Erica, arrives on the island amongst creatives types, poets and musicians, she takes a step back and watches what’s unfolding around her.

It’s a book that we’d recommend to our friends and which will probably make its way round many friendship circles around the UK.

Good Girl, Bad Blood, Holly Jackson | 30 April 2020

This is a thriller sequel to the hugely popular A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder which we know many of our readers loved in 2019.

Pip Fitz-Amobi isn’t a detective anymore, she’s now launched a true crime podcast which looks at all the cases she and Ravi Singh solved throughout the year.

When somebody she knows goes missing, she might have to put her promise to herself to stay out of the world of crime behind her.

The Wedding Dress, Danielle Steel | 30 April 2020

Danielle Steel’s books are perfect for a time like this, and if you’ve read a couple of her novels before and enjoyed them, it’s well worth looking through her older titles and picking out some perfect self-isolation reading material.

The Wedding Dress is the story of a dress that was passed down from mother to daughter and all the fortune, loss and tragedy that went with it.

Set in 1920s San Francisco, this novel is a real step away from the reality of 2020.