Some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals for Canadians

It’s the one-day Amazon Prime Day sale, and is offering deep discounts on some items. (The Telegraph)

Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer’s biggest day of discounts, is in full swing, and there’s still time to capitalize on the deep discounts.

Like with any single-company sale (versus, say, Boxing Day), take it with a grain of salt: what may look like a great deal and deep discounts today may actually still be more expensive than another retailer on a typical day. And these deals are only for Prime members, too. If you don’t have a $79/year membership to Prime, you’ll have to factor that cost, too. Prime in Canada gets you free two-day shipping, no free shipping minimum, access to Prime-only products, and online photo storage.

When you’re watching deals today, it pays to follow along with sites that are all about the deals. Canadian-focused deal sites like Bargain Moose or Red Flag Deals will sort through the pages and pages of Prime Day discounts available to you, saving you time and effort.

Here’s a look at some of the best deals you can jump on right now: