Best Ab Roller

Nicole Johnston
·1-min read
 best ab rollers
best ab rollers

An ab roller is very simple in design but brings great results when used consistently. The smooth rolling motion lets you target different core muscles, with some rollers versatile enough to help tone back and side muscles, too. Here are some of the more reliable and quality ab rollers available. 

Working through the options 

If you’re just beginning to work on your abs and core muscles, we recommend the Amonax ab roller. It extra wide while will give you more stability as you get the hang of using this type of machine as part of your exercise routine.

For those who are really serious about toning up ab muscles, arm muscles, and even back muscles, then check out the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. This machine has several types of resistance built into it, including curved handles that are comfortable while also encouraging the movement of certain arm muscles.

For most people, though, the Fitnessery ab roller will do just fine. It even comes with a couple of books to help you with your workout. One book has several different types of exercises you can try with your roller. The other focuses on the foods you should eat and others to avoid while focusing on sculpting your core muscles.