Benefits of honey for weight loss

David Colin
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Your diet plays an important role in your attempt to lose weight. Whatever you eat is a source of calories and may get converted into fats if not eaten in a controlled manner. Various low calorie foods are advised for people who are obese and need to lose weight. Out of those many food stuffs, there is replacement to the high calorie sugar i.e. honey. You may find many substitutes to sugar but honey is one of the natural substitutes and is not prepared out of any processing. This makes it a better choice if you are really concerned about your health. Honey has various health benefits, apart from just reducing your calorie intake.

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If you feel discomfort after meals and have digestion problems, you can have honey after meals for proper digestion of food and prevention against many other stomach problems. Honey is a source of simple carbohydrates. If your food is rich in sugar or some complexes of sugars, they are carbohydrates. Being simple or complex carbohydrate depends on the stacking and binding of sugar molecules. When the sugar molecules are stacked in rows, it forms complex carbohydrates which take longer time to get digested. These types of carbohydrates are most often found in legumes and whole grains.

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Talking about a source of complex carbohydrates - honey; a recent theory has enlightened a relation between weight loss and honey. A spoon full or two of honey just before sleep, either with warm water or just the honey, fuels up the liver, eases your stress hormone and assists in the fat burning process of the body. It also brings good sleep as well as helping you lose weight.

Various ways you can have honey in your diet

With warm water: Fats, the unused resource in your body, has no use as in today's scenario. Basically, your body stores fats to be used at the time of starvation which is almost a situation that you may rarely go through. Now, the fats are nothing but a reason for you being overweight and unhealthy. Honey has been observed to mobilise the fats and thus help in burning them for release of energy. This energy is used for various physical activities. You can have a table spoon of honey added to the same amount of warm water. It will help you in proper food digestion as well decrease your weight.

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With lemon: Honey can also be taken along with warm water and lemon juice. Most people have this drink early in the morning believing it to help in losing belly fat.

With cinnamon: You can also add cinnamon powder in warm water along with honey. Mix one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and a cup of warm water properly and then have it on an empty stomach. Although many people have experienced weight loss with regular consumption of this mixture, it has not yet been found out as to how it brings that effect.

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Honey has many other health benefits too, apart from weight loss. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, try cutting your calorie intake but make sure that you do not deprive your body of essential nutrients.

Will you be adding honey to your porridge?