The benefits of exercising in hot weather


When the temperature is soaring, you might not feel in the mood for working out.

While you might be more tempted to relax in the sun instead of sticking on your running shoes, it's worth noting that there are plenty of health benefits if you decide to head out for some exercise when it is hot.

Amanda Place, personal trainer and the founder of Sculptrition, has shared a roundup of the benefits of a sweaty workout.

Increased calorie burn

Training in hot weather can result in you burning more calories.

"When your body is exposed to higher temperatures, it needs to work harder to regulate its internal temperature. As a result, your heart rate increases, and your body burns more calories to cool itself down," Amanda explains.

Improved cardiovascular fitness

The demands of working out in the heat can strengthen your cardiovascular system.

"Exercising in the heat causes your heart to work harder to pump blood and oxygen to your muscles and regulate body temperature," the expert states. "This increased demand strengthens your cardiovascular system, enhancing heart and lung function over time."

Enhanced endurance and performance

Exercising during summer is a great way to improve your endurance.

"Training in heat conditions forced your body to adapt by increasing sweat production, improving thermoregulation and enhancing your body's ability to cool down efficiently," the personal trainer says. "As a result, your body becomes more efficient at managing heat stress, and your endurance performance capacity can improve."

Mental toughness and adaptability

Working out in hot temperatures can be tough, but it can positively impact your mental wellbeing.

"The ability to stay focused, maintain motivation, and overcome obstacles can extend beyond your workout and positively impact other areas of life. Training in the heat can enhance your mental toughness, preparing you for a wide range of physical and mental challenges," Amanda shares.

Vitamin D boost

If you are keeping fit outdoors, you will be soaking up the sunlight and stocking up on vitamin D, which plays "a crucial role in maintaining bone health, supporting the immune system, and regulating mood".

While exercising in hot temperatures, it is important to keep hydrated, protect your skin from the sun and listen to your body.