This Bench Press and Burpee Challenge Will Test You. Can You Finish It?

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Photo credit: RichLegg - Getty Images
Photo credit: RichLegg - Getty Images

Monday may be ‘international chest day’, but that doesn’t have to mean pressing pause on your more athletic goals. This 'ladder' challenge combines a chest-pumping staple and a bodyweight conditioning classic: the barbell bench press and chest-to-floor burpees.

Your challenge, detailed below, is simple: set a countdown for 15 minutes and, beginning with one rep of each movement, begin climbing the ladder. Add an additional rep each round until the buzzer sounds. If you need to re-rack your barbell or take a breather on your burpees at any time during your set, go for it. Be sure you’ve completed all reps before switching movements.

Pick a challenging weight for the bench press. If you’re new to this style of training, aim for around 50 per cent of your body weight. 75 per cent is a good benchmark and 100 per cent is pro status. How far will you climb?

BENCH PRESS x 1, 2, 3, 4…etc

Lay flat on a bench, your knees bent, pushing your feet into the floor. Take the weight out of the rack, locking out your elbows (A). Lower the bar slowly until the bar touches your chest (B) keep your elbows at 45 degree angle, pause here before explosively pressing back up.

BURPEE x 1,2,3,4…etc.

Hop off your bench, immediately squat down and place both hands on the floor between your feet. Jump your feet back into the top of a press-up and lower your chest to the ground (A). Straighten your arms and hop your feet forwards, before jumping into the air with hands on head (B)

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