Ben Shephard says he took surprising degree in ballet by mistake

Naomi Gordon
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Photo credit: Eamonn M. McCormack - Getty Images
Photo credit: Eamonn M. McCormack - Getty Images

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Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shephard has joked about accidentally taking a degree in ballet and dance at university, and how he came to love it despite never having danced before.

Sounds like Ben would make a great contestant on Strictly Come Dancing...

The TV star was appearing on Kate Thornton's podcast White Wine Question Time, during which she informed listeners: "Ben is one of those people who can literally turn their hand to anything! I'll give you an example – ballet. Yes, he's got a Masters, a degree, in dance and ballet as well as also having Honours in rugby and football."

Recalling his uni days and former ambitions, Ben explained: "I fell into television, I'd been at university and I'd done a degree in dance and I think in my head I was going to go on to drama school and I was going to get into acting at some point down the line."

When Kate asked if it was "Wikipedia folklore" that he ended up doing dance instead of drama, he replied: "That's not folklore, that's true!"

Ben explained he had spotted a 'Drama (Dance), Sport and Recreation Management – Combined Hounours' degree while looking at courses, and continued: "I thought, 'Oh, a bit of sport, a bit of drama, maybe with a little bit of dancing.' I quite like dancing, it sounds like it might be good fun. And it was at Birmingham University, so great university."

He enjoyed dance so much - despite never having danced before taking the course - that he later "dropped the sport and it was just full dance".

Ben met his now-wife Alice at university during his second year. The couple have been married since 2004, and have two boys, Sam and Jack.

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