Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cookie Dough 'Peaces' Are Here To Make Our Life Complete

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Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cookie Dough 'Peaces' Are Here To Make Our Life Complete

Remember when Ben & Jerry's finally brought over their iconic cookie dough chunks from the US last year? You know, those bite-sized, chocolate chip chunks of cookie dough goodness?

Well, those chunks have been reimagined... and this time the team behind Ben & Jerry's has combined ice cream and cookie dough to create a one-of-a-kind snack.

Say hello to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Cookie Dough 'Peaces'.

Brand-new to the UK, these bites feature vanilla ice cream with nuggets of soft cookie dough in the middle and a chocolate crumb coating. Incred or what?

First spotted online via @newfoodsuk and @johns_snackreviews, we're unsure when exactly these chocolate treats are scheduled to hit supermarket shelves. But it's safe to say we'll be keeping a very close eye on the frozen section on our next shopping trip. Although, chances are we'll see them in most major supermarket retailers.

Freezer aisle, we're coming for you!

In case you're looking for even more morish sweet treats, we've got just the thing. Giant. Munchies. Cookies. Yep! Baked by Rich’s has teamed up with Nestlé to launch a bunch of delicious-tasting, chocolate-inspired cookies, and Munchies is one of them.

The cookies, which will be available exclusively to Co-op from February, are chewy, gooey and stuffed with Munchies for the ultimate mid-afternoon snack. And did we mention that they're super-sized? Not a mini cookie in sight...

Costing just £1.50 per pack of four, we can't wait to treat ourselves to one of these.

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