Ben Affleck Releases a 4-Minute Version of His Dunkin’ Super Bowl Commercial and the Full DunKings Song

In Dunkin’s 2024 Super Bowl commercial, Affleck enlisted Matt Damon and Tom Brady to form the ultimate boy band called the DunKings

Can't get enough of the DunKings? You're in luck.

On Tuesday, Dunkin' dropped a 4-minute, extended version of their Super Bowl commercial featuring Ben Affleck and his journey to becoming a popstar.

In the original ad that aired during the big game, Affleck enlists his longtime friend and fellow Bostonian, Matt Damon, plus New England sports legend Tom Brady, to form the ultimate boy band called the DunKings. Now there's more from the boy band. In addition to the long-form video (above), on Wednesday, Dunkin’ will release the entire single the trio sang called  “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart.”

The full video pieces together the teasers and the actual commercial, which also featured Charli D’Amelio and Jack Harlow. It opens with Affleck calling Jennifer Lopez and asking for her help developing some “beats.”

"Do you have any time today if I wanted to squeeze by and like…?” he asks. As he trails off, it’s clear his wife has no interest. “I understand,” he adds. “Jen, you know, not the only one with a dream.”

<p>Dunkin'</p> Ben Affleck in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial


Ben Affleck in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial

Affleck then goes off to a recording studio by himself to test out another song. “I’m still down with Dunkin’,” he sings with headphones on in the booth.

Since he couldn’t get the help of Lopez, Affleck turns to TikTok star D’Amelio, 19, to teach him some trendy dance moves. The extended version expands on their original lesson in the teaser. D’Amelio hilariously plays off her viral (real-life) moment when she didn't know who Affleck was. “Is that you?” she asks when he shares a video of himself. “Jennifer Lopez’s husband. That’s cool.”

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“I’m a kind of influencer myself,” Affleck tells D’Amelio, who asks him, “So what do you do?”

“I do some acting and writing and directing of movies, which are a long form entertainment that were popular in the twentieth century," he shrugs.

After he gives himself a pep talk, the main clip from the game day ad starts playing, beginning with Harlow telling Affleck in a car, “I don’t think you should do this.” Referencing last year’s Dunkin’ Super Bowl Commercial — which saw Lopez ordering from Affleck at the drive-thru — Affleck tells Harlow, “Last year, she came to my work. Now, I got to show her what I can do.”

<p>Dunkin'</p> Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial


Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial

Back at a music studio, an assistant whispers in Lopez’s ear, “He’s here.” Lopez looks concerned, “No.” Affleck storms into the recording studio, wearing a "DunKings" tracksuit complete with the brand’s signature pink and orange colors.

In a new detail from the extended version, the actor barges into the studio as a narrator booms, “Affleck on the track.”

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“What up Bronx! For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre. The DunKings!” he says, announcing the name of the band.

As Lopez hides her face in embarrassment, Brady and Damon are revealed to be the other DunKings band members. The star-studded boy band performs the song in front of Lopez. “DunKings!” they exclaim as Affleck shows off his moves with backup dancers.

“Don’t dunk away at my heart. Why you Dunkin’ me, girl?” the lyrics ring out as Brady shares a solo, singing, “DunKings!”

<p>Dunkin'</p> Jennifer Lopez in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial


Jennifer Lopez in Dunkin's Super Bowl commercial

Damon and Affleck's production company Artists Equity created the Super Bowl commercial, while “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart” was written by Artists Equity’s VP-Executive Creative Director, Brandon Pierce, and produced by The Kids Are Lucky. Dunkin' will reveal how it can be streamed on social media on Wednesday.

Dunkin' also rolled out a DunKings menu nationwide, including Affleck’s own drink and the DunKings Munchkins Skewers. 

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