Bella Thorne's 'grams mega-toned glutes in a thong bikini in new video

Bella Thorne is living her best life during these last few days of summer, and she's making sure to rock a bikini whenever she can. The Girl actress, 24, shared a bunch of new snaps on Instagram showing off her incredible thong bikini—a bejewelled pink and yellow two-piece covered in gems—along with her body chains and chunky jewellery.

Bella tagged her fashion account, @fendimindset, in the pics as well. And although her accessory game was on point, it didn't even come close to overshadowing her epic core and glutes—which are stronger than ever these days.

'This is Ariel now, feel old yet?' she captioned the post. To which everyone yells a resounding, 'Yes!'

Her famous friends and followers are totally loving her summery look. Actress Claudia Lee commented, 'real life mermaid ❤️.' And music artist MADDS wrote, 'Mamacita 🔥🔥.'

To stay fit, Bella knows it's important to pick a partner who can keep you accountable. And what better person to provide a little tough love than your own sibling?

Bella's brother, Ben, is a personal trainer, and he has given her some tips along her fitness journey. He has Bella focus on building her strength, and she shared a video of herself doing a TRX workout he recommended back in July 2020.

'Ben's been forcing me to get up early go to the gym and be healthier. Get yourself a partner that makes YOU better ❤️🌌,' she captioned the post.

She's been at this sibling workout game for a long time. She was even doing workouts with Ben back in 2015, she told Allure.

I guess it helps that the rest of her family is also into fitness. She shared with Hollywood Life that during quarantine, the family did tons of workouts together to pass the time. Bella said that they were all doing 'yoga, some weight training, and a bit of boxing. It’s a family affair at the moment!'

As for her diet and nutrition, Bella sticks to a healthy diet that includes rice, black beans, pasta, fruits for smoothies, veggies, and some protein, per Hollywood Life. She hasn't shared a whole lot more than that, but whatever you're doing, Bella, it's working.

Soak in that sun for us!

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