Bella Thorne shared her hottest bikini photo of all time 🤯

Bella Thorne is living the summer dream. Wearing a super glamorous swimsuit, the actress just posted a pic showing her super strong core and legs while relaxing on a boat with friends.

Bella redefined "superstar" with this this post, and I'm gonna need her to drop her workout routine ASAP.


This wasn't the first time Bella has given fans a glimpse of her strong bod in her summer wardrobe. She celebrated the Fourth of July in a festive American Flag swimsuit.

Bella, being Bella, also waved the American flag around just for added holiday spirit.

My personal fave part of this post is her caption. She said 'PATRIARCHY CAN EAT MY 🍑,' while flaunting her toned and perky booty.

Bella appears to be having an adventurous, ads-filled summer. In a recent post from Lollapalooza, she flaunted her strong core in a bright pink underboob-baring cut-out bodysuit. The look is all straps in the best possible way.

Just some of the comments included 'ur outfit was soooo hawt 🔥' and 'you’re so beautiful 💗💗,' but trust us, there's a lot more where that came from. And it's well-deserved.

After all, Bella works hard to maintain her high fashion sense, but she works harder in the gym.

During summer 2020, she posted a video of her workout to Instagram, captioning it: 'Bens been forcing me to get up early go to the gym and be healthier. Get yourself a partner that makes YOU better.'

In the clip, she uses TRX cables to do mountain climbers and pull her legs in, working her sculpted core.

She also likes to build lean muscle with aerobic conditioning, per an Instagram post from 2016, revealing that her workouts then were an hour long.

Well, all I have to say is that her work shows—keep it up, B!

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