Bella Hadid's 'triangle parting' is going to be everywhere this winter

Bella Hadid is notably a fashion icon, but we can't overlook the beauty lewks she serves time and time again. And today we're tucking in to a grown-up take on a primary school classic. The supermodel's triangle part feels like the zigzag parting's big sister and we are so here for it.

Rather than the classic back and forth we'd expect from a zigzag, Bella's chic parting is made with wider sweeping direction changes, resulting in the appearance of a large triangle, or three – depending on how you look at it. And how I look at it is... I could for sure wear this to the office without someone asking if it was picture day at school.

Oh who am I kidding? I'm a beauty writer – I could wear a zigzag parting with glittery knocker beads and no one would blink.

And it seems I'm not the only fan, with comments such as; "THE TRIANGLE PARTING do you want us dead?" showing the people's appreciation for the part.

It's not the first time Bella has leant into the 90's/00s trend (is it a trend from then or just an eight-year-old right of passage?) In spring 2021, she took the zigzags micro for this sweeping half-head side part, a perfect look for the playful summer ahead.

But this new mature take is definitely more wintery and one to watch for this party season. It's a stylish way to elevate those slicked buns you inevitably do when it's day seven of not washing your hair and you have the office Christmas party.

And if you're not quite on board with the triangle part, a dramatic angular parting is another option Bella is so kindly demonstrating for us.

Decisions, decisions...

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