Bella Hadid's new streaky highlights are *so* 00s

bella hadid streaky highlights
Bella's new streaky highlights are next level 00sGetty Images

Streaky highlights used to be looked back on as the stuff of nightmares, our worst beauty crimes, the foolishness of a time gone by. But there's something in the air, the wind is changing, that horror from our past is being re-framed as cool and well... we're being sucked in. Just like dresses over jeans, we're starting to contemplate the unthinkable. From Khloé Kardashian to Camila Cabello, streaky highlights have been popping up on celebrity heads over the last couple of years and it seems now is the moment they're really gaining momentum.

Case in point; Bella Hadid's latest post. Bella is not playing, these are not tousled chunky highlights, or slim toned streaks. The model has gone all out with thick brunette and blonde stripes of hair and it's just so 00s.

The root-to-tip two-tone hair is set apart from its ancestors by its intentionality; the homage to the style is almost a caricature. The stripey tresses are worn totally straight — natch —and of course paired with a buoyant fringe quiff that may as well be dubbed the Y2K Tiara. We couldn't not mention the skinny brows either.

We're on streaky highlight watch from here on out, and don't be surprised if you see one of us on the Cosmo beauty team taking the plunge and trying them out...

...But also don't be surprised if they're clip in. What? We put our hair through a lot in the name of beauty dissemination. We do it all for you 💋

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