Bella Hadid's exposed thong is the ultimate Y2K moment

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Bella Hadid is an undisputed queen of quirky cool. As a supermodel, she's got pretty unparalleled access to the best fashion has to offer, from up-and-coming labels to mega-name designers. With the strong street-style influence running through her choice of outfits, and her talent for unexpected combinations and mix-and-matching prints and silhouettes, she's been closely tied to the "weird girl" aesthetic currently trending on TikTok.

We wouldn't say there was anything "weird" about Bella's choice of fits (more like "avant garde", thank you very much) but it is true that she can pull off just about anything: even, as we discovered during last New York Fashion week, a vinyl ballgown that kind of resembled a trash bag on the runway at Marc Jacobs. She's even managed to make a bowl haircut with shaved-off sides look completely iconic, such is the power of her keen sense for fashion.

Recently, she's given us an amaaaazing Y2k throwback outfit to remind us that no-one does it quite like her. Posting on her grid to her 54.5 million followers, the 25 year-old shared a selection of summer photos that went down a treat with her fans, racking up 1.4 million likes (safe to say, our holiday pics were not anywhere near as popular as that...).

The look in question sees her rock a low-rise, lace-trimmed petticoat skirt in the palest shade of pink, styled with a matching silky bra top with sculptural detailing and cap sleeves. It's the accessories that really transform this into the most amazing coastal diva look: a red silky scarf artfully wrapped around her hair, paparazzi-proof dark sunglasses, loooads of gold bangles and statement door-knocker gold earrings. Our favourite bit? The string thong peeping out from the top of her skirt, giving Bella's look huuge y2k energy.

[instagram align='center' id='CiD4Vzag0YH'][/instagram

Honestly, nobody does summer dressing quite like this queen!

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