Bella Hadid recreated Julia Stiles' iconic 10 Things I Hate About You prom hair

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Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images
Photo credit: Edward Berthelot - Getty Images

Your leaver ball might be a distant memory, but Bella Hadid might have just unlocked it after she arrived at a Dior dinner in Cannes with a hairstyle straight out of a pink stretch Hummer.

While the fashion community was buzzing about Bella's Schiaparelli Couture dress (you know the one with the golden tree covering her boobs), we were more concerned that ringlets might be making a comeback.

Styled by hairstylist Peter Lux, Bella's updo was snatched back into a tight bun with a cascading pile of spiral curls on top.

It would be an offence to Peter to say this was the exact same hairstyle you asked your mum's hairdresser Julie to recreate for your big night all those years ago, but it's definitely the look you were hoping to go for.

This is the Julia Stiles 10 Things I Hate About You look you were going for, when in reality you ended up looking like those faded framed photos that have been up in your dentists office since you first lost your milk teeth.

Accessorised with her corset top, Bella is living the prom queen life we all could only dream of.

Photo credit: Francois Durand - Getty Images
Photo credit: Francois Durand - Getty Images

A moment of appreciation for those tendrils please.

Oh, and if your memory is failing you here's a picture of our all-time favourite couple Kat and Patrick at prom all those years ago.

Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures
Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

Now the question is, are you brave enough to bring this hairstyle back yourself?

It's one thing for a literal supermodels to reclaim spiral tendrils, but can us regular folk pull it off?

How about you go first and I'll make my decision from there...

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