Bella Hadid has ‘magical’ white slip dress spray-painted onto body mid-fashion show

Watch: Bella Hadid has white dress spray-painted onto body mid-fashion show

Bella Hadid has taken Paris Fashion Week 2022 by storm after she had a “magical” white dress spray-painted onto her body while on the runway.

The supermodel, 25, and her DIY latex dress made headlines after their appearence at the Coperni fashion show on Friday (30 September).

Hadid’s attire and accompanying performance was dubbed a “celebration of women’s silhouettes from centuries past” by Coperni’s designers, Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant.

Hadid – whose hair was swept back into a neat, Hepburn-esque bun – first stepped onto the runway in nothing but a pair of heels and underwear. She covered her breasts with her hands.

A team of three men – dressed in all-black and led by Dr Manel Torres, managing director of Fabrican Ltd and inventor of the spray-on fabric – then set to work spraying the dress onto the model.

They carefully sprayed the white latex fibres around the circumference of her torso to create a continuous, opaque layer. The model stood still as the fabric was wound around her body, occasionally lifting her arms to allow the designers fashion the garment.

After a short while, a mid-length, body-hugging dress began to emerge as one solid piece. A fourth designer then took to the stage to adjust the dress and trim away excess material.

A thigh slit was cut into one side of the skirt and the sleeves were pulled off Hadid’s shoulder to create a bardot silhouette.

Bella Hadid stands still while designers spray white latex onto her body (AFP via Getty Images)
Bella Hadid stands still while designers spray white latex onto her body (AFP via Getty Images)

Coperni is renownwed for its ultra-modern, trailblaizing styles.

The brand is often recognised by its bag made of hand-blown glass, sported by Kylie Jenner and Doja Cat.

Videos and photographs captured by those attending the show have since flooded social media, with spectators and fans heaping praise on Coperni’s latest invention.

“From nothing to everything and more,” wrote fashion influencer, Camille Charriere, alongside her front-seat video of the show.

“@bellahadid getting a chemical (?) dress painted onto her body at @coperni I can’t even explain how magical it was love u so much you little fashion geek science geniuses @arnaud_vaillant @sebastienmeyer @charlsray @coperni,” she added