Bella Hadid just wore the biggest rock on her finger and it's so pretty

Nathalie Owen
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Photo credit: Jerritt Clark - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jerritt Clark - Getty Images

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Bella Hadid is the queen of cool street style.

From her '90s inspired looks featuring bucket hats and Britney Spears level double denim, the supermodel has the kind of effortlessly cool 'I just threw this on' aesthetic that we long to replicate.

It's Bella's accessories, however, that always make her 'fits look as though she just stepped off a runway and her penchant for over-the-top jewellery is second to none.

Case in point: The 24-year-old's latest Instagram post, where she flaunted a huge rock on her pinky finger and WOW. That's one massive piece of bling.

Bella took to the social media platform to share a video of a snowy ride home in New York after a long day on set, saying: "We waited so patiently at work to see this snow after".

While we admit the snow was 'Home Alone/Christmas in New York' kind of impressive, it was her sparkly accessory that really has us talking.

Just take a peek at this baby for yourself:

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Dressed in an oversized denim jacket and a khaki shirt jacket, Bellz popped her head out the window to take in the snowy night and accessorised the lewk with a pair of silver pearl drop hoops and slicked-back hair.

Can we also just take a second to comment on her flawless complexion? We want her facialist's number ASAP.

But, back to that RING. I mean, talk about a blinding light. The design appears to be a halo cut, featuring a huge diamond-like stone with a pave band and looks to be set in silver or white gold.

While it isn't 100% clear whether the impressive rock is in fact a diamond (which would come with one heck of a hefty price tag) we wouldn't put it past the supermodel, who is known for her love of some seriously expensive bling.

One thing is for certain though, as the model is wearing it on her pinky finger, we're ruling out any possible engagement news. So you can all chill now.

This isn't the first time the model has been spotted with the pinky ring. Just last week Bella posted a pic of her in yet another fire outfit featuring, yep, you guessed it, the rock:

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While we can't afford Bella's likely high price tag design, we're seriously considering finding a lookalike dupe for ourselves, because, duhhh, Bella is our forever style muse.

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