Bella Hadid has a fringe again and obviously we need one now, too

Gabrielle Dyer
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Photo credit: @bellahadid - Instagram
Photo credit: @bellahadid - Instagram

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There's no doubt we have all had our fair share of dramatic hair transformations recently. I for one have bleached and cut my own hair at home all in the name of good old BOREDOM.

Someone else who seems to be spending her free time changing her hair is none other than Bella Hadid. The supermodel has been known to be, ahem, rather experimental with her strands, going from black to blonde to brown and various other shades in between.

Recently she revealed not one but two big changes to her hair, putting highlights through the front sections and sporting verrrryyy long hair (courtesy of extensions mind you) for her birthday bash overseas.

We had a recent scare when she showed off a berry red shade five days ago, but turns out it was just that weird new Instagram filter that turns your hair every colour under the sun PHEW, we had a box of hair dye at the ready.

But now, baby B's only gone and revealed another dramatic do. Oh yes, it's the return of the fringe, baby. Posing for a quick Insta vid, Bella showed off her new do with a sexy black smokey eye.

This isn't the first time Bella has had a full front fringe. Last year she stepped out with a choppy front fringe and we went WILD for it.

Hate to break it to you, but we currently do not have confirmation that this is not a wig and knowing what celebs are like there is a pretty high chance it could be.

The only way we will know for sure, is by patiently waiting to see what her hair looks like in her next Insta pic. Either way, we've got big plans next weekend and they involve scissors. Soz.

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