Bella Hadid claps back to fan who says she looks 'so tired' in new selfie

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Photo credit: Instagram/Bella Hadid
Photo credit: Instagram/Bella Hadid

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If you want an A* in 'How to make someone feel crap', tell them they look tired. It's basically a way of telling someone they look run down, without telling them they look run down, right?

Which is exactly what just happened to Bella Hadid, in the comment section of her latest Instagram post.

The 24-year-old model shared a series of bikini photos with her 38million followers with the caption, "Palestinian and Dutch." The last photo in the series was a photo of Bella lying in bed pouting at the camera (swipe to the fifth pic to see.)

Many of the comments picked up on how radiant Bella looks. "The freckles cometh ⚡️," one person commented, while another put, "GLOWING." Someone else wrote, "Okaaayy 🔥🔥🔥"

But one comment that caught Bella's attention claimed the model was looking a bit sleepy. "You look so tired," it read.

Bella clapped back, "I…..was…..and just woke up…. I am…sorry that my bags…offend u. [sic]"


The fan later clarified that she wasn't making a dig, but rather just an observation. "I’m screaming," the fan replied. "Did my best girl just reply [back to] me?! Plus hey, you are so gorgeous! Your eye bags are a work of art."

Sounds like the commenter didn't have bad intentions, but perhaps this is a reminder that we should all think a little more before we write things on the internet.

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