Bell & Ross Will Make You Want to Travel Again

Johnny Davis
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Photo credit: Bell & Ross
Photo credit: Bell & Ross

One of Bell & Ross’s early brochures advertised the company’s expertise in making professional watches for divers, pilots and bomb disposal experts.

That last category has rather fallen by the wayside over the brand’s 30-year life. Happily, the youthful watchmaker continues to produce distinctive dive and pilot models fit for professionals and civilians alike.

In 2005 the Paris-based, Swiss-made company came out with the BR 01, a very large, square-cased, round-dialed watch meant to resemble the flight instruments in an airplane cockpit. Under the banner “from the cockpit to the wrist” it became their flagship model. Further versions followed – there now exist BRs 01 to 05.

Photo credit: Bell & Ross
Photo credit: Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross intends to use this year to double down on this pilot watch line. A case in point is a new version of its BR 03-93 GMT. The 42mm x 42mm stainless steel watch comes with a matte black dial, orange accents on the central GMT hand and a bi-directional bezel, a first in this shape. It means that in addition to the GMT hand displaying a second time zone, the bezel enables the wearer to tell the time in a third. Rotating it clockwise subtracts hours and anti-clockwise adds hours. The dial has also been redesigned and modernised. It now comes with a brushed sunray pattern while the markers and numbers are coated in photoluminescent Super-LumiNova.

Bell & Ross watches were already water resistant and highly readable, with their large dials and large numerals, making them among the very best tool watches. The new version of the BR 03-93 GMT refines this further making it the perfect globetrotting companion. Ideal for when we can travel again – whatever our job involves.


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