Make Beer Your New Probiotic for Strong Immunity and Speedier Weight Loss

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Why Beer Is Your New Probioticjacoblund - Getty Images

Abstaining from alcohol is a noble goal and has measurable benefits to your health. A paper published in the British Medical Journal found that a single alcohol-free month can lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of diabetes and cut your cholesterol levels, while dialling down the presence of cancer-related proteins in your blood. According to the campaign’s organiser, Alcohol Change UK, 70% of those who abstain report improved sleep and – crucially in Britain today – more than 85% save money.

So, what to do with the increasing body of research suggesting that, in the right dose, beer rivals wine as a super-booze? A source of antioxidants and containing more B vitamins than the trusty glass of red that long-lived Mediterraneans swear by, the ice-cold brew in your fridge is a somewhat complicated proposition. Is it a blessing or a vice?

The answer, of course, is that it is both, and moderation is key. In a recent study published in the Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry, test subjects drank just over 300ml of lager – that’s about as much as a small can – every day for four weeks, with no adverse effects on their heart health or weight. Meanwhile, their gut microbiome’s bacterial diversity significantly improved. A crucial determinant of human health, ‘friendly’ gut bacteria have been linked to strong immunity and speedier weight loss, as well as the regulation of both muscle mass and function.

What all of this means is that a quick post-work beer is nothing to feel guilty about. But if you do want to go dry this month, simply switch over to the non-alcoholic variety, which the same study found was equally beneficial. It’s your round, we believe.

Mighty Brew

Your low - or no- ABV beer has benefits beyond keeping your head fresh for tomorrow’s morning meeting.

01 / Bounce Back Faster

Researchers have found that drinking non-alcoholic wheat beer reduces inflammation in marathon runners, aiding their post-race recovery.

02 / Take The Edge Off

Anxiety levels fell among test subjects in one notable study, possibly due to the relaxing effects of the hops and the amino acid lysine in 0% ABV beer.

03 / Sweet Dreams

Spanish researchers found that the moderate consumption of non-alcoholic beer improved sleep quality, partly due to hop resin’s sedative qualities.

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