Bedroom organisation: best ideas and products to keep your space tidy

Abha Shah
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We’re at pains to admit it, but it turns out that our mothers were right in the end: a tidy home does indeed equal a tidy mind.

Our parents were nagging at us to tidy our rooms way before Marie Kondo and The Home Edit came onto the scene. While we may not have taken much notice in our teens, now we’re under our own roof we can understand.

Your bedroom should be a tranquil retreat, but one can hardly feel zen when faced with an overflowing laundry hamper and the week’s outfits draped with post-modern archaicism across every surface instead of hanging neatly in the wardrobe.

If you’ve decided the time is ripe to whip your bedroom into order, help is at hand with clever organisers and proper storage.

From dedicated boxes for your bed linen to shoe racks that will hide all manner of footwear-related clutter, here are the best organisers for your bedroom.

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MaidMAX Set of 6 Dresser Drawer Organiser

Get your drawers in order with these strong cardboard and fabric inserts which help divide up the space for shirts, socks, ties, bras and blouses. They are collapsible, so they’re easy to pack for trips away too. This six-piece set comes with boxes in various sizes: two large square bins (27.9 x 27.9 x 10 cm), two medium-size rectangular bins (27.9 x 14 x 10 cm) and 2 small square bins (14 x 14 x 10 cm).

£13.49 | Amazon

Multi-Purpose Bamboo Over Door Storage Basket

A lack of space is no excuse for mess: you just need to think outside of the box. This organiser hangs off the back of a door, creating extra storage in what would otherwise be dead space. Dead clever.


£20 | Dunelm

Huntingdon Wall Storage Unit

If you’re looking for a clever way to make use of all that space above doorways and near the top of your ceiling, look no further.

Containing three compartments, this storage unit could sit effortlessly in your bedroom or hallway. It offers a number of storage options, from the top shelf and three cubby holes to the four double coat hooks on the bottom rack. Measures: 91 x 20 x 35cm.


£50 | Dunelm

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Hartleys Woven Seagrass Under Bed Storage Box

Pack away extra pillow cases, bed sheets and duvet covers in this stylish box on wheels from Hartleys. Set on four castors, it’s lined with cotton and has a leather handle so you can pull it out easily. It measures 24cm tall with castors, but if that’s too high to fit under your bed there’s an option to get the box without wheels too.

£26.95 | Hartleys

Daven Set of 2 Metal Storage Box Trunks, Teal & Grey

Endlessly useful, this set of two metal trunks are the stylish way to get rid of clutter; be it kid’s toys or for folding away your bedding. Available in a number of colourways, each set comprises two boxes designed to stack on top of each other or use individually.

Measures: 24 x 36 x 60 cm and 20 x 26 x 52 cm respectively.

If you’re looking for even more storage, find a set of three trunks for £149 here.

£69 | MADE

Personalised Wooden Oak Book Shelf

If you’re looking for something to organise your little one’s bedroom, this personalised book shelf with a rail for clothes could do the trick.

Measures 60cm x 16.5cm.


£80 | NOTHS

Cutter Wardrobe Shelf Mini

Squeeze even more space out of your wardrobe by adding mini shelves, like this one from Skagerak. It comes in three finishes - black, dark wood and light wood - and measures 31 x 18.5 x 30cm, making it ideal for displaying handbags and small accessories.

£211.66 | Conran Shop

IKEA Tjog Storage Box with Lid

File away important letters, paperwork and small accessories like scarves in style in this box, covered in a dusky beige fabric. There’s a small office-style pull and label on the front so you can reach it easily if you put it away on a high shelf.


£3 | IKEA

Danish Magazine Rack

Offering two storage solutions in one handy design, this slim magazine rack will allow you to organise all your bedtime reading neatly while the shelf on top can serve as a bedside table for the smallest of nooks. The industrial iron and wood look will pair together well in a host of interiors style - why not add a vase of freshly cut flowers if you want to add a splash of colour?

£68 | NOTHS

Wilko Chrome Shelf Storage Basket 2 Pk

Get more real estate from existing cupboards and shelves with these hanging baskets which are designed to sit snugly under shelves. Made from iron with a silver coloured finish, they’re ideal for housing knick knacks if you’re going for an industrial chic aesthetic.

£3.50 | Wilko

John Lewis & Partners Transparent Storage Bag

Now that winter is over for another seven months (phew!), it’s time to pack away your heavy coats and jumpers. Whether you store them in a cupboard or under the bed, you might find fitting them in a compact zipped bag like this one from John Lewis can help. Roll your items if you can and flatten out as much air as possible to make use of every pocket of space.

It’s also spacious enough to comfortably fit a double duvet and four pillows.

Measures: H53 x W91 x D47cm.

£9 | John Lewis

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Deco Charm Over Door Hooks

No space for a coat stand? We get it. That’s why we like the look of this over the door hook that magics up space out of thin air.


£8 | Dunelm

HANGERWORLD Honeycomb Multiple Compartment

Tired of fumbling around every morning looking for matching socks in the tornado of fabric that is your sock drawer? Us too. The solution is as simple as this multi-compartment divider, inspired by honeycomb. Made with high quality plastic, it snaps together easily and gives you 32 spaces to store socks, underwear and ties.

Measures approximately 35.5cm x 34.5cm x 7cm.

£8.95 | Amazon


No matter how often we organise our drawers, it always feels like a matter of days until they're in a state of complete disarray. That's why we've given our top pick to the six-piece organiser from MaidMAX, which allows to divide and conquer with ease. It helps keeps clothes and underwear in order, keeping your dresser neat and making it easier to get dressed on busy mornings.

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