Because What's One More Insane Harry Styles Suit?

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Photo credit: Dave J Hogan
Photo credit: Dave J Hogan

Like current infection rates and the over-30s dating scene, awards season has felt a little flat in 2021. Over Zoom, the Golden Globes had all the fizz of a workplace disciplinary. The Oscars were also a little dull. The Grammys saw Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion finish a performance of 'WAP' with some sort of erotic MMA floor pin, which was fun for a little bit. But overall? Nah. Sorry awards ceremonies. Maybe next year.

Photo credit: JMEnternational
Photo credit: JMEnternational

As the Brit Awards lurched around, we expected the lowest rung in the trophy cabinet to be even dustier than usual. But we were wrong. Despite quarantines and trash cans full of lateral flow tests, the turnout was even better than normal. Taylor Swift was there. Haim got involved. The Weeknd beamed in from an unknown rainy nuclear wasteland. And, as arguably the UK's second most valuable export after binge drinking, Harry Styles touched down at the Brit Awards to show our homegrown, slightly awkward ceremony some love – and, once again, he dressed in the stuff that's cemented his place in Hollywood's top tier.

Upon collecting his first solo Brit Award for "Watermelon Sugar", the 27-year-old turned a Seventies chaise longue into A Very Big Suit by way of Gucci (the look itself was directly taken from the brand's unprecedented crossover with Balenciaga, which sent Fashion Twitter suitably nuts). On most other famous guys, this would be a talking point. But for Styles, it's just another stitch in the wardrobe. We expect it. For years now, the actor/singer has oscillated between Thirties struggling Noo Yawk poet, to Fifties heartbreaker, to feathered boa'd Vegas residency, to Gucci's most reliable ambassador. When mad is the norm – and when it's universally applauded – you've done something really right.

And as for the handbag and nail polish on the red carpet? Good for you, Harry. Don't let the right wing rent-a-mouths get you down. Because, ultimately, it's guys like Styles that have given awards season a much needed upper.

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