Beauty TikTokers are trying to get fake freckles with root spray

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A viral beauty trend has TikTokers using temporary root spray to create faux freckles. But this popular hack is likely a dud.

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Some people are convinced that L’Oréal Magic Retouch, a hair color spray designed to cover outgrown roots quickly, can produce realistic-looking faux freckles when applied to the face. While there are products on the market just for this like Freck, most people use eyeliner or lip pencils to draw on false freckles.

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Drawing a bunch of tiny dots on your face can be a little time-consuming, so being able to spray on freckles instantly definitely has its appeal.

The trend was first popularized in 2020 by @ollierockabilly, who managed to get immaculate faux freckles using L’Oréal Magic Retouch. However, most people haven’t fared as well as her. Applying the root spray to the face can be tedious and overcomplicated, thus eliminating any of the convenience. It’s probably best to skip this trend unless you’re willing to put up with a lot of trial and error.

TikToker @chloe_dillon earnestly tried the hack. She closed her eyes, sprayed her face with the product, and when she opened them again she was mortified and couldn’t stop laughing.

Her face was covered in huge dark gray splotches. She tried again, holding the spray closer, but it didn’t work. Then she gave it a final try, which did give her a better freckle effect, but the spray may have been too dark for her complexion.

The user @ashandchelslifestories admitted that she accidentally gave herself a fake tan by being too generous with the root spray. She said she learned right after her faux pas not to shake the bottle and to gently press on the nozzle to release a light puff of spray.

Beauty guru @_ayshabegum_, on the other hand, used a less heavy hand and got stunning results on her first try.

“Oh my god, it actually works and it’s so cute,” she said. “They look so natural.”

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