Beauty therapist undergoes world’s first needle-free ‘vampire facelift’

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26 October 2012
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Aime Mee has become the world's first to have the non-needle vampire facelift

It promises to banish deep lines and plump out wrinkles.

And according to one British beauty therapist, the non-invasive take on the ‘vampire facelift’ is the perfect way to slow down the signs of ageing without undergoing surgery.

Amie Mee, from Edinburgh, has today become the world’s first patient to have the bizarre beauty treatment.

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The 42-year-old underwent the £750 laser-version of the procedure, which uses the patient’s own blood to improve the appearance of the skin.

It creates thousands of tiny holes all over the face, with the patient’s blood being pushed into the skin using an ultrasound probe.

The treatment differs from a traditional ‘vampire facelift,’ whereby the patient has a series of painful individual injections into the face.

Revealing the results, Ms Mee said: “I’m very happy with it – it’s a brilliant result and I would definitely recommend it.

"The procedure makes such a great improvement to your skin in terms of pigmentation, texture and in other ways."

She explained she decided to undergo the treatment because it promised results.

"The laser part was a little uncomfortable but it was very quick, it only took a few minutes," she said.

"I decided to have the procedure done because I knew that it would be rejuvenating and I knew I would see results.

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"Some people won't like the discomfort but it's worth it. After you've had a bit of downtime your skin just looks amazing."

Amie, originally from Leicester, said: "Quite a few people have noticed a real difference.

"They think I look fresh or that I've been on holiday. It's a great treatment."

The non-invasive ‘facelift’ was invented by Taimur Shoaib at La Belle Forme clinic.

Mr Shoaib, who trains other plastic surgeons from around the world on facial plastic surgery, said: "The needle-free vampire facelift removes deep surface lines and wrinkles.

"It then keeps on working in various ways under the surface to enable the skin to produce collagen, its own youth serum.

"These non-invasive treatments are the future and as technology improves, so do the results.”

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