Beauty How-To: Pati Dubroff Reveals The Secrets Behind Charlize Theron's 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Premiere Make-up

Beauty How-To: Pati Dubroff Reveals The Secrets Behind Charlize Theron's 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Premiere Make-up

Seriously, does Charlize Theron ever age? When Grazia Daily got up-close-and-personal (ish) to the Oscar-winning actress at the world premiere of 'Snow White and the Huntsman' in London last night, we couldn't help but gawp. Those piercing blue eyes! Those rosebud lips! That twisty blonde hair do! Yep, she had us in raptures, which is exactly why we've grilled the lady behind Charlize's spellbinding beauty look so us mere mortals can give it ago.

The genius Pati Dubroff reveals that Charlize had a SUQQU GANKIN massage before stepping onto the red grassy carpet to get that oh-so-glowy finish and provide a radiant base for the SUQQU foundation. But what we reeeally want to know is how she created those dramatically smokey eyes. 'I used the grey cream shadow with a dome brush to create shape,' Pat tells us. 'Focusing on the outer corners and about halfway onto the eyelid space, I blend and clean with a concealor brush as I go along.

'On the light part of the eyelid, I added a dash of concealor to keep it from smudging then the cream is brought into the crease and under the eyes. I then used black pencil to darken the waterlines and repeated this numerous times to get a rich black.

'I then use dark grey and black eyeshadows to set it and to give more depth to the eyes. I used a matte flesh colored shadow on the open lid, then topped it with a shimmering silver.

'Multiple coats of mascara were used on the upper and lower lashes and finally, I added the lash pieces (they are not a strip and not solo individual lashes but more like a small section) to the outer edges to further elongate and give drama to the eye.

And for those rosy cheeks? 'Cream blush was swirled on the cheekbones and a simple wash of rose beige lip colour kept the rest of the face soft so the eyes and the skin were the big focus.'

And here are the products Pat used...

·         Nars cream eyeshadow in Lili Marlene
·         Dior addict lipstick in 322 beige perfection
·         SUQQU Frame Fix creme foundation 202
·         Dior 5 couleurs designer eyeshadow palette in Smoky Design
·         Diorshow Extase mascara in Black
·         RMK Ingenious Jelly Cheeks - JE-05
·         Brow - Anastasia Brow wiz in ash blonde
·         Lashes - shu uemura partial soft cross false eyelashes

So what are you waiting for, beauty fans? It's time to give it a go...

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