Sephora Confirms the Location of it's First UK Store and it Will Include 135 Brands

Image Source: Sephora

We come with good news for all beauty fans. Sephora has confirmed it is opening its first UK store in March 2023 so that you can browse the aisles, try the testers, and immerse yourself in the iconic monochromatic beauty haven. No longer will you have to travel to the US or France for your IRL Sephora fix, as Westfield London is the first UK location to house a Sephora store.

The bricks and mortar shopping experience comes after the UK Sephora website launched on 17 Oct. 2022 allowing customers to shop a range of coveted products online across makeup, skincare, haircare, and wellness. Bringing viral favourites Tarte Cosmetics, One Size, and Makeup by Mario (yes, the man behind Kim Kardashian's iconic looks) to Britain, alongside those labels we already love like Fenty Beauty and Pat McGrath Labs. Plus, of course, the Sephora Collection. While the website was celebrated by beauty lovers, nothing quite compares to the feeling of shopping and testing in person.

Image Source: Sephora

The beauty paradise, also known as the new Sephora store, will be 6000 square foot in size and will house a whopping 135 brands with a Grand Beauty Hub set up in the centre allowing customers to explore all the special setups it has to offer. "We know that London's youthful and inventive vibe is one of the best places in the world for us to introduce some of the innovations that will make the Sephora experience even more extraordinary in the future," says Sylvie Moreau, President of Sephora Europe.

While there's no word yet on more stores or locations, we'll keep you posted. The French brand has been a beacon of beauty prestige for 50 years, offering a paradise of cosmetics overseas. It did launch in the UK back in 2000, but disappeared five years later. Here's hoping this time around it stays for good.

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