Beautiful Portraits Of Ukrainian Refugee Commemorate One Year Since The War In Ukraine Began

A Ukrainian refugee has posed for a series of portraits to commemorate one year since the war in Ukraine began. Wearing a traditional Ukrainian embroidered dress and Vinok, and proudly draped in the Ukrainian flag, Ohla Boyko, 36, was photographed by COVER Images photographer Joann Randles in Wales. Olha was one of the few Ukrainians that fled to the UK on the first day of the war. Olha and her family are from Boryspil, a city near Kyiv that was bombed on the first day of the Russian invasion on 24th February 2022. On the first day of the war, Olha was watching from the 8th floor of her apartment as cars full of families left in desperation from the car park below her. Her family could hear the terrifying sound of explosions and witnessed clouds of smoke from bombs close by as missiles lit up the sky. Her family evacuated their home and fled for their lives. During this time Olha was 34 weeks pregnant and upon reaching safety with sponsors in Llandovery, Wales, on the 4th April 2022, Olha soon gave birth to a baby girl, Stefania, in Carmarthen. “As the 24th February has approached, the more painful memories resurfaced. I remember the last week before the start of the war very well.” Olha and her daughters hope to soon return to their home in Ukraine, where she hopes that her children will grow up in an 'independent and free Ukraine’.