How to beat fatigue

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With such busy work schedules and home lives, it's little surprise the vast majority of us feel wiped out by the end of the week.

But if you are feeling constantly exhausted, it may be time to ask your doctor or health practitioner for advice on combatting the issue.

Amal Alaoui, Triyoga homoeopath and craniosacral therapist, notes that fatigue can wreak havoc with mental and physical health, and is often misunderstood or undiagnosed.

"Fatigue can be the result of hormonal issues, burnout, low iron levels or due to increased stress," she said. "All of this impacts our wellbeing because we are out of balance. Ask your GP for blood tests that can rule out thyroid issues, low iron, as well as a recent virus that's wearing the body down. Obviously, a woman's monthly cycle can also be the reason why fatigue sets in."

Read on for a round-up of top tips for

Overhaul sleep

After a hectic day, it can be hard to wind down. But Amal is adamant that getting enough shut-eye at night can make a real difference to wellbeing.

"I always check on a person's sleep pattern: are they waking exhausted or do they have broken sleep? Broken sleep can be the result, not cause, of adrenal fatigue when cortisol levels are out of sync," she said. "I apply craniosacral treatment as part of managing the symptom of fatigue to help calm the nervous system which I find is usually in that fight or flight mode for too long."

Take a relaxing bath

To chill out in the evenings, consider implementing a self-care routine revolving around a nighttime bath.

"Magnesium bath salts before bedtime will help encourage a good night's sleep. I would also recommend applying calming essential oils, such as chamomile, as part of your evening routine," the expert commented. "If falling asleep is an issue - recognise the power of mindful breathing and centring your mind as this can help still the busy thoughts that can prevent us from falling asleep at night."

Eat well

Be sure to abide by a balanced diet filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

"Good nutrition is imperative! B vitamins and magnesium supplements are a good place to start when battling fatigue as they will help to increase and balance energy levels," she continued.

Try some exercise

Rather than pushing yourself at the gym, opt for a gentle type of exercise, such as yoga or walking.

"Fatigue is the result of a wide variety of reasons the body has slowed down and it needs to be addressed to restore good happy mood and vitality. While movement is very important, start slowing with gentle exercises as you don't want to overdo it when your body is already stressed and I would always advise a client to follow an exercise programme according to a professional diagnosis," added Amal.

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