Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie Chance Roberts marry in summer camp-themed wedding

Beanie Feldstein has got married credit:Bang Showbiz
Beanie Feldstein has got married credit:Bang Showbiz

Beanie Feldstein has married Bonnie Chance Roberts in a summer-camp themed wedding.

The 'How To Build a Girl' actress and the producer tied the knot at the Cedar Lakes Estate in the Hudson Valley over the weekend of May 19, and the 29-year-old star explained the venue and theme paid a special homage to her family.

She told Vogue magazine: "It is our happy place together. I grew up going to summer camp for ten years, and my parents and both sets of my grandparents met at summer camp, so camp is a lineage of love through the generations of my family.

"Even though we met in London and fell in love on a film set, to get married at a camp was a truly beautiful emotional homecoming.”

While Bonnie wore a custom tuxedo from Bode and Beanie a Rodarte dress to their rehearsal dinner, both brides donned Gucci for the wedding.

Beanie said: “Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that we would wear Gucci to our wedding.

"After we got engaged, I called my stylist Erin Walsh, and we started daydreaming. At that time, I was in the middle of working with Gucci, as I was beyond lucky to be a part of the Gucci Love Parade campaign.

"She said to me, ‘Beanie, it’s your wedding—what’s your dream?’ and I said, ‘Gucci!’ So, she asked them if they would be willing to make me a wedding dress. I could not believe that they said yes!”

Designers from the fashion house asked the 'Lady Bird' star to study their previous designs for inspiration, and she also wanted to pay tribute to her own parents' wedding.

She explained: "I created a mood board of sorts with different elements that spoke to me.

“I also included a photo of my mom’s wedding dress from 1975 because her dress featured a fabulous lace sleeve I knew I wanted to pay homage to.

“The moment I saw the sketch of the dress I ended up wearing, I knew it was the one. I’ve always been such a bow obsessive, and the moment I laid eyes on that stunning bow piece they created, my breath left my body and I knew I was looking at my wedding dress."

Bonnie knew she wanted to wear a suit but "wanted to look like a bride, not a groom" and settled on an outfit originally worn by Julia Roberts, which was reworked by Gucci's tailors to suit the producer's style.

Beanie explained: "When we were researching for inspiration, we came across a stunning photograph of Julia Roberts modeling the suit that was to become Bon’s—we figured that if it was good enough for the queen of ‘the Robertses’ it would work for the Scouse one too!

“It is absolutely everything we dreamed of and more. Stylish, whimsical, unexpected. Bon says she feels like she stepped out of a storybook about a princess in it and that is the highest compliment she could give! Truly magical.”

And Beanie grew emotional when she saw her bride in her wedding finery.

She said: “Of course, it was because she looked outrageously beautiful. But it was also because I knew how many people she was going to inspire with this outfit. There are so few representations of brides wearing suits at their weddings, let alone something so special, so out of the box, so Gucci!”