BBQ Hotline launching in time for Britain’s upcoming mini heatwave

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Don’t get in a sweat over your sausages this weekend; a BBQ hotline for beleaguered Brits is offering one-to-one training from a top Australian chef.

As the U.K. looks forward to a few balmy days, with temperatures set to be hotter than Turkey in some parts of the country, Aussie chef Tony Howell is stepping in to teach Britain how to barbeque properly.

And with 55 per cent of the nation admitting to being total failures behind the grill, it’s not a moment too soon.

In a new survey of 2,000 Brits commissioned by, a whopping 70 per cent confessed to burning or overcooking their grub, while more than a third of those surveyed (37 per cent) revealed they’d undercooked food and even served up raw meat to guests.

To make sure the burgers are banging and the pork is perfect, celebrity cook Howell will be answering questions this Saturday between 11am and 2pm from his home in Perth via the BBQ Hotline.

“So many people are guilty of cremating burgers, sausages, even veggies on the grill due to lack of knowledge and confidence. With a bit of care, attention, and with a few notes from Down Under, we’ll have you grilling like a pro in no time,” he grinned.

Get in touch with your burning questions and book a slot with Tony by emailing

The award-winning chef has already dished up some of his top tips for staging a brilliant barbie, including always starting with a clean BBQ, oiling your grill to stop sticking, choosing chicken thighs over breast and coating veggies in fresh herbs, olive oil and vinegar.

He added: “With more than 45 per cent of people apprehensive about cooking for vegetarians/vegans, opt for tofu. It’s hard to burn and can be easily cubed and skewered.”

Brits' top 10 BBQ blunders have been revealed as:

1. Burning/overcooking food

2. Dropping food on the floor

3. Struggling to light the BBQ

4. Not cleaning the BBQ after previous use

5. Not greasing the grill before cooking food

6. Not having enough food to feed guests

7. Undercooking food and serving up raw meat to guests

8. Letting the BBQ go out whilst still cooking

9. Setting something in the garden on fire

10. Forgetting gas or coals to light the BBQ

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