BBC comes under fire after political correspondent refers to majority Boris Johnson 'so deserves' during broadcast

The BBC has come under fire after reporter Alex Forsyth referred to the majority that Boris Johnson 'so deserves' during a live link

The BBC has come under fire after a TV reporter appeared to refer to Boris Johnson winning the majority ‘he so deserves’.

Viewers hit out after political correspondent Alex Forsyth made the reference during a live link from South Wales during coverage of the general election.

In the clip, which was shared on Twitter, she says: “For the Conservative Party I think the nervousness comes from the fact that their strategy has centred on putting Brexit right at the front of their campaign.

“They have done a relentless focus on Boris Johnson’s promise to take the UK out of the European Union if he wins the majority that he so deserves.”

The clip sparked anger from Twitter users, who accused the BBC of bias.

One wrote: “These ‘mistakes’ are embedded in the culture in the people they employ. It’s that simple - and you are forced to pay for it.”


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Another said: “I've just reported it to the BBC. Absolutely shocking.”

Ofcom confirmed that it has received six complaints regarding the incident, while a spokesperson from the BBC told Yahoo News UK that the gaffe was ‘a slip of the tongue’.

It’s not the first time the BBC has been accused of bias in the run-up to the general election.

Last week, Labour’s co-campaign coordinator Andrew Gwynne reportedly wrote to the broadcaster to complain about its coverage of campaigning.

And earlier this week the electoral commission issued a warning after on-air comments made by BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg.