BBC star's sister breaks down as she addresses family trauma for first time

The first episode of Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure, saw the BBC newsreader, 59, reunite with his elder sister Judith, who has recently relocated to Jamaica, where there family emigrated from to the UK. Clive and Judith's parents were part of the Windrush generation and relocated to the UK for work opportunities, and had originally only planned to stay for five years, leaving Judith back in Jamaica with her grandmother.

However, after deciding to make the move more permanent, Judith came to join her family in the UK. Recalling this, she emotionally opened up about the move, telling her brother: "It was traumatic on many levels.

Clive Myrie with his sister Judith
The first episode of Clive Myrie's Caribbean Adventure saw Clive and his sister Judith discuss their childhood -Credit:BBC/Alleycats TV

"The climate, the new family, school was horrendous, and the food," she said. Asked if she had wanted to go home, Judith continued: "Yes but then part of me could see that mum also suffered."

Clive replied: "But I didn't know, I didn't know you were pining. I didn't know all that." After which Judith pointed out that he was two years younger.

Last year, Clive revealed how the Windrush scandal had impacted his family, sharing that his older half-brother, Peter had been unable to travel to Jamaica with his daughter to show her the Caribbean country and died before he could go following a prostate cancer diagnosis.

Clive with his sister Judith
Judith opened up about emigrating to the UK as a child -Credit:BBC/Alleycats TV

In his book, Everything Is Everything: A Memoir Of Love, Hate & Hope, he further shared that another half-brother, Lionel, was denied benefits and healthcare before being able to prove he was in a school choir due to a pre-1971 Bolton Evening News photograph.

In the book, the journalist said he was “angry and also ashamed of my own country” as a result of the experience, and later told The Times: "We’re all agreed that what has happened is a complete and utter disgrace – the question is: what do you do about it?

“I’m still hoping society understands what happened and tries to rectify it. You know, these people need restitution and that hasn’t happened yet – even though we all agree that something needs to be done."

Clive Myrie
Clive previously opened up about how the Windrush scandal impacted his family -Credit:BBC

Speaking about what the public will think of his personal experience, Clive said: “That’s interesting, isn’t it? The shock will probably come because people think they know me. But it could have happened to anyone with relations who came here under the Nationality Act.

"It could have happened to the family of (broadcaster Sir) Trevor McDonald, (comedian Sir) Lenny Henry, (footballer) Marcus Rashford. That’s the thing."