BBC Gladiators crowns Marie-Louise and Finlay as winners in 'brilliant' finale

 A group shot of the Gladiators from the new BBC reboot.
A group shot of the Gladiators from the new BBC reboot.

The '90s reboot gameshow Gladiators has come to an end, with two contestants named champions of the season in a thrilling grande finale praised by fans as 'brilliant'.

Gladiators concluded last night (Saturday, 30th March) and saw four contestants — Bronte, Finlay, Marie-Louise and Wesley — battle first against the Gladiators and then against each other to win the top spots.


After a tense grand finale, Finlay and Marie-Louise were crowned winners by Gladiators host Bradley Walsh, with fans saying their accolades were 'well deserved'.

Fans have taken to social media to praise the winners, as well as the BBC for the 'brilliant' reboot of the classic '90s show, which aired on ITV between 1992 and 2000.


'Massive well done to the winners well deserved,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter), before continuing, 'How amazing has it been to have Gladiators back on a Saturday night?

'Thank you for all the nostalgia feels and bringing Mark the ref into my life. Can’t wait for series 2.'

While another commented on the social media platform, 'BBC did a spectacular job reviving Gladiators on Saturday night, the production and entertaining is absolutely brilliant.

'Bring on the next series! (and maybe a few celeb specials).'

And another wrote, 'This show is still as fun as it was in Week 1. A fantastic addition to Winter Saturday nights.'

But not everyone was completely happy with the result, with another fan of the BBC show writing, 'The Gladiators mens final is a sham. It should have been a Chung and Dev final.'

Others mentioned the format of the final, asking, 'Why did they switch the order of the contestants for the #GladiatorsFinal? The whole season, the women have been after the men. For the final it was switcheroo’d. How come?'

To which another fan replied, 'They’ve alternated each week.'

To which the fan replied, 'Ahhh, thank you for pointing that out! I stand corrected and humbled (and relieved). And I agree, Bronte was robbed in dual.'

Stay tuned for all the news on the second season of Gladiators on BBC1.