BBC Casualty fans all say the same thing after major storyline finally unfolds

In the latest gripping episode of BBC's Casualty, Dylan Keogh (portrayed by William Beck) finally gathered enough proof to confront Patrick Onley (Jamie Glover) about his questionable medical practices, much to the excitement of viewers. New Clinical Lead Patrick has been stirring up tension since his arrival, and both Dylan and his colleague Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) have been on a mission to uncover his true motives.

After an intriguing phone call, Dylan told Patrick in no uncertain terms that they needed to have a serious discussion. Once the two were isolated in his office, Dylan didn't hold back, accusing Patrick of being "a danger" to patients.

With conviction, he said: "With respect, it is you that's been trying to blame the team for your mistakes," and pointed out the damning evidence: "I've seen the data, the shift patterns that you worked correlated exactly with the serious patient incidences. It's like hand in glove."

Dylan Keogh facing Patrick Onley. Both men are in a confrontational stance
Dylan finally confronted Patrick in Saturday's (1 June) episode of Casualty -Credit:BBC

Caught off guard, Patrick retorted defensively: "Well let's think about that, shall we? Perhaps the reason that I have more serious incidents is because I have to take on the patients that you are incapable of treating. Or perhaps because, like that woman in there, people lie! And when I take on these people, I'm not worrying about what a spreadsheet looks like, I'm worrying about keeping them alive. Perhaps you should too," he snapped back at Dylan, adding fuel to the fiery showdown.

"Regardless of what I decide to do, or not to do, I think both of us know that you shouldn't be working on the floor until the board have been through this. I think you're a danger. Can you name me three procedures that you haven't delegated to a junior doctor? " Dylan enquired, reports the Express.

Clearly rattled, Dylan stuck to his guns and, later in the episode, told Patrick he was finished. After weeks of watching him cause division between the staff, fans were thrilled that it looked like the beginning of the end for the deeply unpopular character, and they took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their feelings.

One BBC viewer wrote: "I'm so happy that we are hopefully on the path to seeing the back of Patrick, and ghat Dylan and Stevie's teamwork has been integral in his downfall #Casualty."

Another added: "Dylan is not just the better doctor but the better person. He could have gloated at Patricks downfall but he's more concerned about the patient #casualty."

"F*** yes Dylan, save the day! Maybe I was wrong and they'll hot shot Patrick falling apart rather than drag it out #casualty," a third fan exclaimed. A forth praised: "Love how focused Dylan is on exposing that Patrick is a danger. #casualty."

Dylan's attempts to mitigate Patrick's influence proved futile as the latter continued his pursuit of Rash Masum (Neet Mohan), suspecting him to be the whistleblower. He even enlisted the help of his cousin, Tariq Hussein (Manpreet Bachu), to expose Rash, leading to a distressing face-off between the cousins.