BBC Breakfast viewers have same reaction to presenter shake-up amid Sally Nugent's absence

sally nugent jon kay bbc breakfast new studio
Sally Nugent and Jon Kay will be the first to use the new space on Monday 26 June (BBC)

The BBC Breakfast sofa looked a little different on Wednesday morning as Sally Nugent was missing from her usual spot on the red sofa.

The 52-year-old usually fronts the show from Monday to Wednesday alongside Jon Kay, but was replaced by Victoria Valentine.

While loyal viewers will no doubt be missing seeing Sally on their screens, they were delighted to see Victoria hosting the programme.

Jon Kay and Victoria Valentine on BBC Breakfast
Jon Kay and Victoria Valentine hosted BBC Breakfast on Wednesday (BBC)

Taking to Twitter, now X, one person wrote: "Victoria on the red settee AGAIN. Thanks BBC. Lovely start to the day," while another added: "Good morning Jon & Victoria. Great to see you two having some fun & cheering me up too. You two make a great team. Going to miss you when you leave the beeb Victoria."

A third viewer tweeted: "Really gonna miss seeing @VValentineNews on @BBCBreakfast. She's such a great, warm and friendly presenter - good luck for the future! You'll be ace Dr. Victoria!" while another added: "#BBCBreakfast lovely to see Victoria on again! More please!"

Sally Nugent new BBC Breakfast set
Sally Nugent was away from the show on Wednesday (BBC)

BBC Breakfast viewers will soon be bidding farewell to Victoria for a while as she prepares to take a break from broadcasting and will be stepping away from her presenting roles on BBC News and BBC Breakfast.

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Earlier this month, the journalist announced that she would be temporarily leaving the BBC to go back to university.

In a post shared to her Instagram Stories, Victoria said: "I wanted to let you in on something I've been thinking about and working towards for some time now. I am taking a little bit of a break from broadcasting and from the BBC in order to explore something new.

Victoria Valentine and Jon Kay on BBC Breakfast
Victoria is taking a break from broadcasting to go back to university (BBC)

"So I - at the grand old age of 39 - going back to university. I am enrolled in a full-time masters course, psychological sciences which I've kind of sold to my parents as a bit of neuroscience with some thinking and feeling stuff attached to it."

She went on to say that she would be studying for at least four years and is hoping to gain a doctorate.

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"You can probably understand why that would appeal and be something I'm interested in," she said, adding: "Perhaps four years from now you'll be looking at Dr Valentine."

At the time, Victoria said she had a month left of shifts at the BBC.

Victoria Valentine on BBC News
Victoria is also known for presenting BBC News (Victoria Valentine/X)

Victoria isn't the only star taking a break from BBC Breakfast as both Nina Warhurst and Emma Vardy are away on maternity leave.

Nina, who is the show's main business presenter, welcomed her baby girl, Nancy, in July. The happy news was announced on BBC Breakfast by her colleagues Jon and Sally. Watch the video below.

Emma, who has been standing in for Nina, announced the birth of her baby boy, Jago Fionn, earlier this month. Sharing a sweet selfie that showed the star cradling her newborn, she wrote on Instagram: "Presenting my best breaking news ever. Baby boy Jago Fionn is here.

Emma Vardy welcomed her baby boy Jago Fionn in August
Emma Vardy welcomed her baby boy Jago Fionn in August (Emma Vardy/Instagram)

"At just a few hours old, playing a little camera shy. Huge thanks to the dedicated & talented midwives & doctors at Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital, for looking after us so well," she wrote, adding: "Smitten & so in love."